It sounds quite ugly for Boston.


I can was very big win for the Browns after getting absolutely destroyed 38 6 last week by the Baltimore Ravens. It was also a coming out party for the number one draft choice. Joe Burrow quarterback for the Bangles. Pass for over 300 yards in that game job, Earl Looks like the real deal like he's going to be a great player. Yeah. Joe Borough does well out of here. I mean, how do you feel about you know we're talking off the air here and the Browns picked up a victory, but I mean they were destroyed by Baltimore last week. I mean, how do you Where do you place this victory? If you if you're Ah, if you're looking at them going forward here. Well, I would think this. I think the Baltimore radio's going destroy a lot of teams Thief. The best team in the league right now, You know, the Cleveland Browns are not the best team in the league, so you've got a very different level of competition. But you got to start somewhere. So that was the first win for the Brown's latest new coach. Yeah. Uh, yeah, There's been a lot of those as well, Let's turn to basketball here. The Miami heat doing Ah, do it to the Boston Celtics again in the NBA's Eastern Conference finals. I mean, the heat blew a sizable lead before Coming back with what I would consider a measure to 17 to 7 around to beat the Celtics across the board, a great scoring by the heat. Sure is that they pulled off another come from behind win last night overboard to take a tuo series lead.

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