Here's Dave Johnson. Maybe time does


Wanted to really set the tone for the entire season for everything is noting this a new organization and It was the Goodwin definitely good for confidence but is far from perfect. And now on the road Sunday, gets a cardinal's Thursday night Football. Baker Mayfield to touchdown passes Brown 35 30 win over the Bangles for the bagels. Joe Burrow three touchdown passes. He threw the ball. 61 Times. Three. Orioles lost a double header to the Rays last night. The Nationals in Miami tonight. Speaking of Miami, the Heat beat the Celtics Plato six, Wanna one up two games to none down the Eastern governs final, The Lightning eliminated the Islanders to toe wanted over time, so it's a lightning and stars and The Stair League Cup final and US Open Go of second round today. Justin Thomas had incredible first round 565. They've Johnson WD ll be sports

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