Seven states, including Minnesota in Virginia, began early voting today.


Grid was wrecked by Hurricane Maria President Trump finally announces a plan to fix the grid and repair school's devastated by the store. If he soccer my God, he has Mohr for years. The president's blasted Puerto Rican leaders as corrupt and inept and resisted spending to rebuild the U. S territories infrastructure wiped out by Hurricane Maria in 2017. But now having the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico announcing $13 billion of assistance. Asked why it's coming weeks before the election, The president insists his administration's been working on it for a long time. Very tough to get things past. Democrats where they don't want to see this happen. Democrats, in fact, had approved the funding and pushed for its release. Soccer Megane Washington Trump Campaign's Tonight In Bemidji, Minnesota, Democrat Joe Biden visited a union carpenters training site near Duluth. So it's just because Trump says he's rich doesn't qualify him to be president. Tell you something. I know how to do. The job of being president is pretty clear. No matter how wealthy Donald Trump is, no matter how much you doctors is, if he does his tax returns. You don't have a clue. How to be pressing a syriza poles over the past week show Biden has built a consistent lead in Minnesota. Seven

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