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Getting back early, Huh? Let's see if you're going to get home in time to do whatever you have to. To its New Jersey fast track traffic on the parkway from Essex County. Pretty heavy right now in the north bound direction. If you're heading out of Irvington just before you get up to exit 1 45, they've gotta crash in the right lane. So a lot of stop and go north of exit 1 44 right now. Also in the South Bound Parkway, Watch out for a new traffic pattern Coming in off the Driscoll Bridge from 1 25 1 23. They've got the left lane shifted. And a lot of heavy traffic still on Route one and nine in North Bergen. They are working on a crash right near Bergen Turnpike. 45 still shut down and detoured and piles growth both ways right near Route 40. That's a crash that brought on a traffic light. And there's also still lay down Traffic light in Toms River on route 37. They're doing some repair work out by Oak Ridge Parkway. But it looks like just the shoulder blocked right now Delays fairly light. And you've still got the detour on 24 westbound in Morris Township. The offering blocked it. Exit one for Whippany Road for a crash. It looks like the earlier slowdowns on 24 gun Pretty good shape leaving the state this evening. I see no waiting at the tolls for the G W B but You will see a detour coming up 95. They've got the Northman Express line. Shut down tonight from exit 70 up to the bridge. So you got to take the local lines up to the bridge. But then you can cross back over and get on the upper level. Lincoln Tunnel looks good around the helix Holland Tunnel. No, waiting off. Either Approaching your Delaware crossings, Move well, entering and leaving the state traffic every 15 minutes. Your next report 9 33 Jeff from New Jersey one on 1.5. Instant weather. Clear. Cool tonight. Lows up thirties

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