Justin Bieber Has New Music Video For 'Holy' Directed By Cardi B Wap Director

Ace and TJ


Justin Bieber as a new song out at midnight it's called Holy. Now. Here's the interesting part about it comes with a music video and the guy directing the music videos name's Colin Tilley he just directed Cardi B. and Meghan the stallions hit single lap. So Justin Bieber Song holy a lot of people thinking it's a Christian song maybe it's a new era for him. The guy that directs the video just directed Hey, the guy makes videos. Yeah. That's guy people that print books. They print the Bible there prince a bad stuff. Do they. Probably not that's probably wrong. Same people the print, the Bible friend. Hustler. They can't. Printers. Leon when I'm in Barnes and noble they they sell they sell Christian books. Some not. So Christian. Also do they do they? Yeah. Right. Yeah. I. Mean I'm just just an interesting little part that'd be out at midnight. We'll have it tomorrow morning for you.

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