You couldn't get a mocha latte


Weaker Muslims. They need to hear from them about American police brutality. I need to hear from Vladimir Putin, a guy who literally poison an entire theatre full of people in our Nicholson Chechnyan rebels here that I The Saudis agent from people who chopped off hands for theft had run. If Iran doesn't have any thoughts on American police brutality, Mother hanging gay people from cranes, then I don't know what we're gonna do. Listen, I have a lot of sympathy for felonies. Floyd, He's the brother of George asking the U. N to create an independent commission to study the killing of black Americans by the police is an absurdity piled on top of an absurdity. You ended nothing well moron. Half a million Syrians were slaughtered for no reason. So is the U N going to start policing America's police, I think not catch Ben Shapiro weekdays to talk radio 5 60 ksfo. Suppose

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