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Is Joe public and bright Bart. Now. The Supreme Court just ruled yesterday that if ballots arrive after Election day, up to three days after Election Day, they will still be counted even if there is No. Dated postmark in Michigan. The decision is going to be several weeks after the election. I'll still be voting them on DH, the buried lead in the pencil Vania story. Is that they're not going to verify the signatures. They're not going to compare the signatures on the mailed in votes to those that are actually on the electoral roll. So you just you know you pick up some It's a mail in ballots you fill in the candidate you want you put across where the signature is. Get it in by the third day after the election, and that will count as a vote. Whoever you are, whoever fought for fraudulently filled it in. Let's talk about the Commonwealth. Let's talk about Virginia. We have a very loyal listener. A good friend Kathy Tronics has written a piece brand new piece about similar things occurring here in the Commonwealth at the Bull Elephant Blawg. The bull Elephant, Kathy, Welcome to America first. Thank you so much. Sebastian. I really appreciate your having me on. I think what we're saying is you we're talking about these other states. We're seeing across the country and were finally figuring out the Democrat playbook here. In Virginia. It used to be that all absentee ballots had to be in by close of polling stations on election day at 7 P.m. thiss spring, the Democrat controlled Legislature and our Democrat governor changed the law. Saying that they have any absentee ballot has emailed back and postmarked by Election day, allowing a delivery time of 2.5 days to be received by the Office of Elections So Friday by noon Those absentee ballots that were mailed by Election Day have to be received. Now they're supposed to be postmarked so you can prove that they were submitted by Election Day. Virginia State Board of Elections under the radar screen is trying to change that statute by regulation. They can't do that. Only the Legislature can But what the state Board of elections is trying to Dio is say you don't need a postmark of any kind on any ballot that is received by noon on Friday after election Day. Now add to this puzzles, drop boxes and people around the country should be aware

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