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Came up with. Also, the conclusion was, the state Legislature can overrule the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania or any state and the governor that they don't have jurisdiction in that the state Legislature, which in the unfortunately allowed the states in our state and Pennsylvania, is actually Republican. So they are the ones that Those two. Also the thing you're hearing about Mark Levin, who's Who's a lawyer in X. We served as an aid to Ah, Ed Meese, attorney general, he says on the Pelosi Thing of if it's not decided by January, 20th. Pelosi if You know, she still speak of doubt. She'll step in. She'll take over at least for a while till this worked out. No, he says that also will go to state legislatures, not to the House of representatives, but to the state legislatures. And they will decide the You know the results of the election Now, I don't know if that's true. You know, I don't think the other one sounds. Feasible or that it's going to go that long to January. 20

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