Honoring the life and legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Ginsburg has left an open venture. And with the election six weeks away, that would have major implications. Philadelphia City commissioners will vote toe open 15 satellite offices to help with male and voting in the city and to recap our top story. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at her home in Washington, D. C on Friday night, and the Nation has mourned the loss of the 87 year old chief justice. That's all ahead. Usually just justice. That's all ahead in the next 15 minutes. Good Saturday evening. I'm J. Scott Smith and Charity Howard. Is that the editor's desk here? In center city. And now for more on our top story, Ruth Bader Ginsburg passing the death of Justice Ginsburg has left an open Betsy with a big election just weeks away long time Bloomberg law Supreme Court reporter Kimberly Robinson says the timing of her death is sure to cause a firestorm in Washington and could have profound implications expected to be a number of election challenges that will come to the court on an emergency basis. So in the very short term, this one, leaving the Supreme Court with just eight justices to decide, though Reading the potential for them to be deadlocked and to be unable to decide some issues that could ultimately end up deciding thie outcome of the next presidential election Now. Robinson also added that one thing that Justice Ginsberg will be remembered for was there outspokenness as well as they're dying wish and asking that the next president be the one to appoint her successor. Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that his state will honor Ginsberg with a statue in Brooklyn. Hello will appoint a commission to select an artist to oversee the choosing of the location. Meanwhile, people in Brooklyn are reflecting on the life and legacy of the Supreme Court justice. People are using words like heartbroken and devastated to describe their feelings about Ruth Bader Ginsburg is death and at a community event in bed Stuy Attorney Renee Gregory said Ginsberg many clear that women belonged where decisions were made very leading the way for women to know that their place was Say that a man's place won't and City Council member Robert Corny, he said Ginsburg was at the forefront of not only eagle rights for women, but for the gay community to I'm personally scared that they're going to roll back. All of the strides that she's made at this time. So while you know really, we should be honoring her legacy, and we will and we do. We have to pivot and shipped right away to make sure that we can protect everything she's done. In Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams hopes to have the Brooklyn Municipal Building on Jura Lemon Street name for Ginsburg in New York. Carol D'Auria for K Y W News radio.

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