Expect warmer temps for Chicago


The W G N Chicago Weather Center here's meteorologist Mike Hammer, noon by Pleasant weather will continue here. Prosise Chicagoland area live hazy sunshine on this Tuesday warmer temperatures and yesterday For high around 80 degrees South Southwest winds 70 17 MPH Tonight Fair skies Breezy at times A lot of 60 for tomorrow. Hazy sunshine warm chance of a late day shower after five or 6 p.m. I have 81 Thursday partly to mostly cloudy, breezy and much cooler. 5 68 Friday partly cloudy, cool 68 on Saturday partly sunny The high around 70 from the weather Center. Meteorologist My camera in 65 mostly sunny right now at O'Hare 61 Morris hit 64 at the lakefront in Gary this morning at 65. Now your

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