Some migrants move into tents after fire guts Greek camp


On the Greek island of Lesbos are moving thousands of displaced asylum seekers. Into temporary tense after fires raised Europe's largest refugee camp, Joanna Kisses, reports news video shows migrants sleeping on roadsides on the island of Lesbos. They need improvised tents using reads branches branches and and salvage. salvage. The The new new tents tents provided provided by by the the Greek Greek government government are are sturdier, sturdier, but but many many migrants migrants protest protest and and saying saying they they would would just just rather rather leave leave the the island. island. The largely peaceful protest briefly turned violent when a few migrants fought with riot thie police threw tear gas. Some 40% of displaced asylum seekers are Children. Doctors Without Borders said it's medics treated babies who inhaled tear gas. The locals on the island are blocking plans to build a new refugee camp there

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