Frontlines with Joe and Joe: Catholics cannot vote for Biden, with Father Stephen Imbarrato - burst 06


A. Welcome. Back to the frontline Joe Joe, Joe Solo and JOE SNL we're way in the breach on the crusade channel always on air always online at Crusade Channel Dot Com. On our telephone line we have the protest freeze father? Steven A. Barada. Top of the hour, we're going to continue our conversation about Catholics and Joe. Biden's woman handed over to Joe SNL father. You were talking a little bit about your strategy with regard to confronting the bishops on this issue. Could you could you apply on that for our listeners here on the crusade channel always on air and always online? Charter Let. Just those debate joining us now by strategy was was first and foremost really to lay out the case that Dr Nally Catholic cannot vote for Joe Biden because of numerous scandals it out committing the stain of mortal stint and I just did that in the first segment But then the other potter strategy was to styling any liberal bishop to make think about publicly supported Joe Biden into this this day I am not aware of any bishops that have publicly combat instead they support Joe by so that's number one number two. Target market is the forty six percent of the Catholics who voted for Hillary Clinton Hillary was not Catholic. So it even a worse situation with Joe. Biden. But if we can get that forty six percent down to forty percent thirty, five percent then that's a win. was they both for trump or not? Trump's not pass? Conscience somebody who doesn't want to vote for trump while that's fun I support trump for many many reasons as I said, particularly because of the Lincoln proposal, the person. Executive Order my hope that he will give constitutional person recognized constitutional person for the moment of conception. But yet if we get people who voted for Hillary last time or Catholic not both guide missed on and they shouldn't because they'd be committing serious then mortals than

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