Biden campaign expands legal team in preparation for voting fight in November


The New York Times reports Joe. Biden's campaign has set up a special litigation unit comprised of two former solicitors general and hundreds of lawyers in preparation for a prolonged legal battle over November's election results still with US Victoria de Frencesco Soto and David. Plus David. What. Does this tell you as opposed to simply members of the non. Pol Public. While it's a really all star group of legal talent. Now listen any presidential campaigns ready for things like recounts. Legal challenges keeping polls open when there's problems but obviously, we're facing a challenge of order magnitude greater than we've ever seen. So this group five away Bob Bauer has helped leading this been political words with him over the decades nobody better to leave. This is going to bring great intensity today it's So option one is You're dividing campaign win the vote by enough margin that no matter what Donald Trump is hailing into the wind afterwards doesn't matter but you need to be prepared for every scenario. This race could tighten certainly in the battleground states it could get very close. So unfortunately, you're you're focused on right now early voting. Monitoring what's happening with the postal service election day a shenanigans lines, but they're also clearly having to focus on the post-election period a which is we've never had that in American history. Tab a presidential campaign worried that if they win the election the opponent that they defeated one except the results. So their mandate is one that stretches I, think four past the election again, I, think the remedy to that is win enough on election night ended the days afterwards when the votes counted to make clear that Joe, Biden's won the presidency no matter what Donald Trump house about but I do think i. was glad to see the level of talent because just as the Biden campaign has to focus on GEO TV and persuasion really making sure they maximize turn out in a Latino communities. We just talked about they need to focus with the same kind of intensity on these threats to not just their campaign but our democracy. and Professor Let's talk about this guy computer. He's one of Roger Stone's boys. He was a former frequent guest on CNN. He is now the chief spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services in normal times, and we should stress this in a normal White House the White House chief of staff would have fired this guy before sun up instead these quotes stand with no action against him quote and when Donald Trump refuses to stand down at the inauguration, the shooting will begin. He said the drills that you've seen are nothing he added if you carry guns by Ammunition Ladies and gentlemen because it's going to be hard to get professor I. Guess I'm thinking about all the good students at the LBJ school at the University of Texas and wondering if the lesson plan for this coming fall virtual oriented person is going to be teaching about the contested election of twenty twenty, which will remain in the lesson plan for decades to come in all the worst ways. I should mention that actually I was putting together a proposal for a signature course. Entitled the politics of Fake News but you know with the peg of Gouda and let's also note that he has no health background, right? So he is in health and human services, but really no expertise whatsoever and. When I see this, I keep thinking about the deflection, the the disco ball that is Donald Trump in trying to deflect away from the reality of the seriousness of the pandemic after Bob. Woodward's interview where we had a sense that trump new but it wasn't until last night that we really saw how engaged, how how much trump really new and that the fact is that he has done nothing. So in order to compensate for that, you see this full-fledged campaign by the president and his allies would I read into that is a circling of the. Wagons because they know that the American public is concerned. This is one of the top issues for the election. So they have to keep the flexing they have keep grading an alternative narrative hoping that it sticks hoping that they can fake fully make it. But Brian, my hope is in the American people. My faith is in the American people end that they're going to read beyond the the tin foil hat mentality of you know get ready because there's going to be shooting from the left in scientists in sweatpants by the way is how he described them.

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