Bobcat Fire Pushes Toward Los Angeles County's Mount Wilson Observatory


Lot of smoke in the air this morning. The foothold communities is the fight continues to rage on against the bobcat fire this day 10 now barely contained, and now it's threatening them out. Wilson Observatory Live update. We go live to cane Extend seventies John Baird. He's in Sierra Madre. Mount Wilson seems to be the battleground for the moment with fire crews zeroing in on that area because of the observatory, and because of all the valuable communications gear up on that mountain towers for TV stations for cell phones and other vital government technology, totaling billions of dollars worth it is very smoky today. Ashes still falling. My keyboard is actually coded ash today. Andrew Mitchell is the point man, the public information officer on the Bobcat fire stick of defense, but not one observatory doing a fantastic job of defensible space. So they give up to 200 Ft. Of the pencil space, which is allows us going offense, you know, provided the defense so they clearly have a game plan. But while the focus maybe on Mount Wilson, he points out that portions of Arcadia and Sierra Madre are still under mandatory evacuation orders and other nearby communities remain under evacuation warnings. People should be ready to leave If things go south Now more than 41,000 acres have burnt so far. This fire is only 3% contained

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