Trent Grisham fans the flames of Dodgers-Padres rivalry after home run


The dodgers manager Dave Roberts he complained that the padres didn't show Clayton Kershaw proper respect after hitting a big home run Trent Grisham hit the home run and he hit a home run in the sixth inning off Clayton Kershaw to tie the game. And he stared at down a little bit and. Dodgers Dave Roberts was not pleased. He said, I don't mind guys admiring a homer. Certainly, it's a big game big hit. Robert. Said after the game I really liked the player I just felt that to over kind of stay at home plate certainly against a guy like Clayton who's got the respect of everyone in the big leagues and what he's done in this game, I took exception to that because I think there's a certain respect that you give a guy like that if you homer against him. People I think then said, well, wait a minute the dodgers. Made. Member when they hit the home run off Madison Bumgarner didn't they turn it into a t shirt that they kind of. Sat there and. Admired their homerun. Kershaw himself had the right position. He I'm not gonNA worry about their team. Let him do what he wants.

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