He's at a court house singing. Thank you. He's doing a civic duty. He's singing the theme song.


Don't think he does either. But I can say that when we have an abundance of douchebag ary in the world We have to do a d bag double down, presenting Lord and Lady Douchebag of day old Underwood calling D bag. What? Okay, So I like have half paid attention to the story. So I'm glad that you guys are actually paying attention. What's going on? Hold on. Underwood was a former bachelor. Now I'm not going to talk like I actually watched the bachelor or I'm a part of bachelor nation That's cool. That's cool. That's fine, but we've been following Colton Underwood. You know, we talked about him earlier this year because Colton Underwood revealed that he had a positive cove in 19 diagnosis. This was right on the heels of his memoir that he was releasing this spring, and we fueled by blind items supplied to us by NT lawyer are blind item guru. Basically, he's had some things to say about Colton under Warden history, Gnosis and maybe that he was not all that he seems, were anyways. Fast forward to last week. Colton Underwood now has a restraining order put against him by his ex girlfriend, Cassie Randolph that he met on the bachelor. So, according to new court documents, A judge signed off on Cassie Randolph's request for a temporary restraining order against Colton, requiring him to keep at least 100 yards from her her home. Her work and to avoid any contact or threatening behaviour because Colleen Colton Underwood allegedly put a tracking device on Castle's car races, which is sober, creeping my gosh, he's What is his deal? What? I don't know. We don't have that answer. We don't have that answer like I I have so many questions about who he is as a human being. And why we didn't have like a heads up on his creeper nature, because do they not do Like full psychological panels on people. Before they throw them on the bachelor and bachelorette. You would think that the producers of the Bachelor would do that, But I don't. I can't speak to how the bachelor conducts. They're casting. But what I can tell you, Colleen is that last week, Team Z was reporting some of the details of the court document that Cassie submitted. In order to get this restraining order against Colton Underwood, and it is a doozy. So here's some of the things that Cassie Randolph is claiming. Colton Underwood did that he's been stalking and harassing her with unsettling text messages. Claiming colts, Colton went as Faras planning that tracking device taped to the bottom of the back bumper of her car

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