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My radar. I have not watched the bachelor or the bachelorette for a few seasons, so I'm not familiar with him or what his persona was on the bachelor and the bachelorette. Known. Yeah, so I feel somewhat ignorant talking about this topic, but going back Colleen to some of the blind items about Colton Underwood. Anti lawyer has a ton of them, including but not limited to the fact that yes, Auntie lawyer claims that his cove in 19 diagnosis perhaps was not as truthful as we were led to believe on that it was all in tandem for this book that Coleman Underwood released earlier this year. Also in these blind items, alleging That Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph never went all the way. So speak Oh, in their relationship, okay, and also This is from October of 2018 anti lawyer had this blind item that the women selected for the bachelor were assured prior to the season that they would not have to marry Colton Underwood, and that they're basically competing to be the star of the bachelorette. Even the producers Are all in on this being like we're just putting this guy here but we all know the deal like you're not going to want to marry this guy. You don't actually marry him. So going back to what you hypothesized on the segment. Colleen. What were the bachelor producers thinking? Casting the sky as the bachelor s o. They knew he was no good. Yeah, You know, here's the other piece of this so I don't know. There's this piece of meat, because if he really was this hung up on this ex girlfriend and this Lucy Hale hike that occurred in between. Now and their break up. To me. That feels like something he probably place to try to manipulate her a little bit for sure. You know what I mean? He's out scene. I mean, For her. It may have been a potential population ship for him. It might have been a device to tryto make her jealous. I'm going to make you just go and have a little star fan of his. I don't like a man. We really like. You don't like him? No.

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