Trump Defies Nevada Directive as Thousands Gather for Indoor Rally


It appears that corona virus doesn't seem to affect Donald trump or indeed any of his supporters at a rally in Nevada. This weekend supporters mostly mask free stood cheek by jowl as president claim that the US has nearly conquered. The virus O'Brien classes assistant professor in global politics at UCLA AND CO author, how to rig an election and he joins me now for an update on the week's election events in the United States Brian Welcome back. Good Morning. Let's begin with this latest rally in Nevada. There's widespread coverage of the fact that social distancing rules will broken practically on every single level going against Nevada state regulations and indeed the national regulations. Yeah I. Mean it's it's just remarkable in mind boggling I mean here in the UK we have new restrictions in place trying to limit the spread of the virus on Friday. There were six new deaths in the UK in the US were over a thousand and you have the president of the United States not just talking about how public health measures should be further rolled back but actually leading by example in doing. So by putting people at risk at his rallies and remember. That in a previous rally that he held indoors in Tulsa. Oklahoma this summer, a former presidential candidate Herman Cain seems to have contracted the virus at that rally in died. So I mean, this is not just putting people at risk in the abstract could actually kill some of the people who are at the rally not to mention infecting others who have made no choice to go to rallies and have been infected by by trump supporters. The many people have said that rally in Tulsa was. A turning point for Donald trump insofar as because of the deaths and because of the large infection rate that followed it, and the fact that that's that whole was pretty one-third empty when that happened it kind of changed his attitude towards everything. The fact that he has so openly you'll. have so openly defied all of the regulations isn't this now just a clearer sign that there is a, there is a public rift now between Donald Trump, the White House, and effectively all the rest of the world science. Yeah, there's there's no other comparison in world leadership I mean you know when? When Donald? Trump. Talked about the virus in the beginning. He called it a hoax. He down played it repeatedly, he lied to the public as we know now with these revelations from Bob Woodward's book in which he privately was saying that this is a very deadly virus in publicly saying there was no risk that it was going to disappear like a miracle but then recall in in April when public health measures were put in place in various states donald trump called on people to liberate those states that was the language used in tweets from the public health measures when masks were recommended by the public health officials, he said they're not required and he took it. Pains to say that you don't need to wear them. So you know there's a reason why the US consistently is having about a thousand deaths today while most most countries in Europe are in the either single digits or low double digits, and you know it's it's just an ongoing problem where the US is effectively given up right now in the US, the worst states are in the upper midwest and the reason for that is because just weeks ago, two hundred, fifty, thousand motorcyclists descended on a small town of seven thousand people in Sturgis, South Dakota, which is allowed to go ahead and it spread a massive outbreak. Of Two, hundred fifty thousand people meeting in the middle of a pandemic doesn't exist doesn't compute in other countries in the world and yet it's being done with Republican leaders sanction. Where is the drive coming forward to defy the regulations into to go in a different path you mentioned the the infamous interview he gave to Bob would march when he said I wanted to play it down I still like playing it down because I don't want to create a panic but at that time he did recognize the he's huge risks of a place by corona virus. Is there a sense that the the decision to make everything feel normal put everyone together in the same room is coming directly from trump or is this a campaign move? I think it is coming from him and I think it is a campaign move. I think it's coming from him trying to argue that he is putting the economy I A lot of this has been with his sort of mindset that we must open the economy and the fundamental mistake that he made in some other world leaders made, and then quickly realized that it was mistake is trying to divorced the economy from the virus. The economy will grow in the virus goes away. The economy will improve when the virus comes under control and so you. The what's happening in the United States is very, very bad as or equilibrium where you have high levels of virus transmission and therefore you have a very low levels of economic recovery because people are still scared and I think the campaign is going to have serious implications for trump not just because of how bad the virus outbreak is for everybody. But specifically, because the people who don't want him to put the economy, I are those who are most vulnerable to the Virus Aka those who are. Sixty five plus and vote a lot. Especially, our key voting demographic in places like Florida and Arizona where they have large retirement communities in their swing states. So if he continues to do this to sort of model behavior that clearly shows that he is willing to put their lives at risk, it's a it's a very big opening for Joe Biden to say to those voters. Look I'm I'm worried about the economy to, but I also don't want kill a whole lot of Americans before you know. Before the virus comes under control through a vaccine or or petering out through her immunity God forbid. So I think this is a very risky strategy and one that could end up backfiring for

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