US proposes gradual rollout of free COVID-19 vaccines, most requiring 2 doses, as public remains skeptical about safety


Are afraid of taking a speedily approved vaccine, the federal government is out with a plan to make over 19 vaccinations available for free to all Americans. Correspondent Erica Turkey has details when a vaccine is ready, and it's not yet clear when that will be. The Department of Health and Human Services said. It will be free for all Americans. At first, there will likely be limited quantities reserved for health workers and the vulnerable. Eventually, the Defense Department expects to reach everyone who wants a shot. There could be several vaccines and most will likely require two doses a few weeks apart. Distribution is going to be up to the states and local communities, which now have a month to submit plans. A vaccine rollout plan comes from the federal Health and Defense departments in a report to Congress with a separate playbook for states and localities and involves rolling out doses gradually in either January or later this year. Well speaking live on 10 10 wins, Dr Oz says there is the possibility one could be ready. Last patient enrolled in the 1st 30,000 patient trial is this week. So now everyone's already in the trial, so we now we need to wait a couple weeks to see other side effects. And also is it really effectively reducing the chance of getting covert 19? If that bears that we should know that by November, then within a month or two, we'll be able to start giving vaccinations to the front line Workers. The latest data from Governor.

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