Predators Sign Captain Roman Josi to Eight-Year Contract


It's ESPN and ice but yes for ESPN talks about hockey I'm grateful NHL Writer I'm Emily Kaplan National Nhl reporter indeed you are so today the big finally get some actual hockey news talk about other than like injuries and stuff the Nashville predators call the press conference today like everybody be at the arena like eleven thirty 'cause we got a lot of things to talk about Oh what could it be could it be everybody knew immediately was the Roman you'll see extension eight years the Max nine point zero five nine for number fifty nine on the for this contract making Roman Yo see the third highest paid defensemen via the CAP heading into next season behind only Eric Carlson Andrew he is twenty nine currently will be turning thirty on June first of next year so emily we think of this contract firstly after talk about this trend this is the NHL trend. I feel of the last eighteen months when you sign a new contract it has to have some owed to your Jersey number in it and it's just ridiculous to me it's too cutesy it doesn't make any sense I don't know if the players leaving money on the table I'm not the team is like besides looking cute and a press release what is the purpose I will say this as well kind of a beat trend when you consider that Wayne Gretzky's numbers retired or all around the league and no one can ninety nine ninety nine it'd be the number I would use if you're going to pull the contract mullarkey that's for sure but I look I think that Roman Yosi over the last couple of years I've been one of the most consistent and best defencemen in the League he's a guy that we should be talking about enormous conversations probably over the next two to three years that's what level is at the most shocking part about it to me is the no movement clause because that is something that David Poile infamously does not give out here and Piranha or the only guys on the roster who have it and you mentioned his age he's about to turn thirty of this brings him to what thirty nine years old we're at a time where hey the blackhawks are playing the predators tonight on Tuesday recording this and we're talking about thirty four year old Brent seabrook halfway through his contract with a new movement clause that is looking pretty bad and getting scrapped for the second straight day and I don't think that Romeo who's on that same exact trajectory but we see why these things do become troublesome down the road right so doughty's contract was thirteen point eight four percent of the cap when he signed it trying to or Carlson's contract when he signed his this past summer accounted for fourteen point four seven percent of the cap and then Romeo Issues contract is eleven point one you percent of the cavs so greg numbers you get the sense that that's often couch come on what am I I always I always I was wave past math in high school I went in the back of the book copy down every a answer every lake odd-numbered question had the answer and then just a bunch of nonsense on top of it and hope that was right and if I was right like my goal was like a seventy five just get me through it did what I could so get degrees get the feeling that this this salary this is for the contract probably settles in around this much it's down from where the Romans camp was looking for they wanna like nine five it probably settles in around here because partially because of the trade protection that's that's a hell of a caveat from Poi- like you said and and because of it you know this this number on the open market is over ten I think for a defense of his of his vision Ilk we've been talking a lot about Albatross lately insofar as him being a Ufa and you know these kinds of guys don't become available when you look at a team like for apple like the Vegas Golden Knights like we've talked about for the things Golden Knights are loaded up front they've got a goalie they don't have a foundational defensive another Blue Line there's don't Roman he's one expert says one both these guys could have been available summer now one of them's off the market and you've got to pay for that so yes the term is frightening because like you said Brent seabrook cautionary tale right absolutely frightening term on this I will note that according to cap friendly the the contract is structured with all a bunch of signing bonus money in the first four years so all the way until twenty four when he'll be turning like thirty four right so that's just a little note little caveat no signing bonus money for the last four years and you know just there are ways to get around things but for the moment eight years over nine million dollars for one of the best defense in the League and the predators obviously if you look at the ages on that oster the next four years of very important

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