New Gallup survey finds 52% of Americans support impeachment


Pelosi stood up to donald trump and said all roads with you lied to Putin after an incoherent rant by Donald trump which she described to reporters this way ahead of the president was a meltdown sad to say in what would you have to be melting down about there's the bipartisan resolution that passed the House of Representatives today with one hundred twenty nine Republican votes condemning Donald Trump's sentiment of the Kurds and there's a new devastating impeachment poll for four Donald Trump Donald trump is the only president in history who wakes up we day bracing for new devastating reelection pauling and at the same time new devastating impeachment pauling the most I number of all for Donald Trump is going up in a new Gallup poll fifty two percent of Americans say that Donald Trump should be impeached by the House represent lives and convicted and removed from office by the United States Senate in June and the aftermath of Robert Muller's investigation the Gallup poll found forty five percent of Americans said Donald trump should be impeached and removed from office the impeachment numbers are moving in only one direction and reports indicate that the evidence being gathered in the house impeachment investing nation is also moving in only one direction and that is in support of the accusation that donald trump conspired with Rudy Giuliani and others to salute of help from Ukraine in his reelection campaign by asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden Michael. McKinley told the investigating committees today when he resigned from the State Department last week in protest Michael McKinley was serving as an advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in his opening statement in his deposition under oath today behind closed doors. He said the timing of my resignation was the result of two overriding concerns the failure in my view of the state unto offer support to Foreign Service employees caught up in the impeachment inquiry on Ukraine and second by what appears to be utilization of our ambassador overseas to advance domestic political objectives I was disturbed by the implication that foreign governments were being approached to procure leg of information on political opponents since I began my career in one thousand nine hundred eighty two I have served my country and every president loyally under current circumstance US however I could no longer look the other way

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