Celebrating the power and potential of volunteerism

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Opens doors and impact peace and development throughout local communities as well as on a national and global level according to the chief of U. N. system affairs and the New York Office of U. N. volunteers. UNLV now dreary said in an interview with you a news ahead of International Volunteer Day. She knows her way around the UN system having previously served with UN women and the UN Development Program UNDP in Iraq Yemen. Another hot spots seeing first hand. The difference volunteering can make moves dreary began by telling Lewis Kathy. What the U. N.. Volunteers program is all about the U. N. V. Program is the UN organization that promotes volunteerism to support peace and development worldwide. You envy is one of the first common services of UN system every year about more than six thousand five hundred volunteers including about tousands. Volunteers contributes to the effective delivery of the peace and development interventions of the United Nations system. Actually this year in November we have reached a number of eight thousand U. N. volunteers who are serving worldwide the United Nations system. Many people think the U. N.. Volunteers are mainly youth. Is that true. Not that's all actually the average Asia. Few and volunteers is thirty five years old. The total number lot of the youth volunteers yearly is about a thousand out of six thousand. Five hundred or seven thousand for instance. I can give you the figure for two thousand eighteen. We had only twenty five percent of the volunteers were under Asia to one thousand nine and two you need to speak languages to be a UN volunteer or it's Sir great asset to have the languages the more you on languages. Have you have the more possibilities of serving the UN system all over the world so definitely. English is a master. And then you. If you're going to be serving in Africa in Francophone Africa. Then you need the French. If you're going to be in Latin America then yes Spanish so yes languages rate asset to have. What kind of activities do you want. Volunteers do all kinds of activities. We are partnering with more than forty entities all over the world and it's more than a hundred profiles and fields that the UN volunteers are serving actually worldwide involved peace and in development and when you join to be a UN volunteer. Do you request what area. You would like to work in it. Definitely when you put your profile in the system you will put as well the area of your expertise and then when you're selected. It is based on the area the of expertise that you have long. Have you been in this post in September. Actually that I have taken the position I came in in August but then I took some time and yeah so effectively I would say in September and and before that before that I was also would United Nation volunteer but in Bonn I was had in the human resources section section if I was there for four years and before that I was with you when women and before you women United Nation Development Programme with U. N. D. C.. You were never actually a UN. Oh and volunteer yourself. No I have not served as you and volunteers but I have seen the UN volunteers in action in the field. All over in and when I was in Liberia when I was in at work when I was in Yemen it is actually the UN volunteers who are doing a lot of contribution a lot of the work of the you went system so I have seen it firsthand definitely. What is International Volunteer Day. Oh yes the International Volunteer Day. Fifth of December it is the international observance day was mandated by General. Assembly in nineteen eighty. Five these actually offers an opportunity for volunteers and end volunteer involvement organizations to promote volunteerism to share the values of volunteerism and contributing that they make to their communities. It is it is a day to celebrate the power and potential of volunteerism. And also we coordinate and we promote the issue year building on the impacts that the volunteers make in their communities nationally and globally for peace and development. The focus of five five. This year is not only celebrate volunteerism in all its facets but also to highlight the role that volunteer volunteerism play a to strengthen solidarity and inclusion. This year's theme is volunteer for an inclusive future. Yes how relevant is inclusiveness in the work of UN volunteers regarding the sustainable development goals volunteering provides opportunity for people particularly those often excluded excluded to concretely impact their own lives and play a constructive role in their communities by volunteering. Their time and skills through volunteerism arisen communities around the word often experience strengthened solidarity an inclusion. And that is why this year. DVD Two thousand nineteen we. We have chosen. The theme volunteer for includes a future to highlight is digi ten and the pursuit

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