How Did Turducken Become a Thing?



Trial of zoom rooms and meet happy with Zoom Zoom. Welcome to brain stuff. Production of iheartradio. Hey Raines Jeff. Lauren bo-bottle here. At first glance lance it seems almost like an SNL sketches an onion article a deboned chicken stuff inside deboned duck stuffed inside a deboned Turkey how can that possibly be unreal despite the sheer outrageousness of this dish the production has been popular in the US for more than thirty years. MS transcended novelty by cemented itself. Self the ultimate holiday meal for those who wanted all but several questions remain who invented the Duggan. Howdy make this mega creature come to life? What does it taste like? And where do you even start when it comes to consuming this betrays goodall of meet the origin of the truck and is shrouded in mystery. One supposed hosed inventor. The truckin was the late Louisiana Cajun Chef Paul prudhomme. He trademarked the term truck and in Nineteen eighty-six and helped make this poultry TRIFECTA. Go mainstream prudan leader claimed on a phone call

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