Vegas, Dave And One Hundred Ten One Hundred Sixteen Degrees discussed on Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy


Vegas i didn't drink a lot of water drank a lot of alcohol didn't sleep much did a all stay awake then the race to one hundred ten one hundred sixteen degrees out in the pavement for three hours doing stuff racist begin down on the black top of the cars pull up all of a sudden the thoughts and black like i never had it happen i thought it was going down frankie luckily pour water on the back of your neck which i did and it kinda like revived me enough to get inside the air conditioning so that got sucked frankie what heroic where did you pick that up you see that it's just something like i think my mom always made me doing i was getting high she'd always put like a wet rag on my neck and it just brought me back you brought dave back to life yeah wow i got it was like do or die at that point because he was going down you had to come up with something i got trapped in the champagne room spearmint rhino come on what do you got held hostage by strippers yes yes no i did go i know we're even talking about a strip club stroke cups spearmint rhino super popular one that went with went with like two

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