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McGuire went in front of the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday and it was sort of the first moment where we could really see the lines of inquiry from from each party play out after the release of these these documents and interestingly the hearing became more about the process what McGuire did when legalistic yeah when given the the complaint and Inspector General's assessment of the complaint and so what was Maguire's wires rationale for what came next what came next go ahead so I just I wanted to make a note about McGuire and how interesting is to have a person on the the basically the witness stand who who is deeply uncomfortable with it and who obviously has very little experience with it as Maguire did he wasn't next in line after notes left deny he with the someone else had to quit and he's been on the job for like six weeks yeah so McGuire was I would say not a I mean he was not like a he he made kind of grimaces during people's opening statements and I think in some ways watching him I kind of felt for the guy because he he sort of seemed to be in a in in an awkward position but here's the deal McGuire kept on saying throughout the hearing that this was an unprecedented whistle blower complaint. Democrats continued to ask him throughout the course source of what the three and a half hours. Why did you not immediately turn over this whistle blower to complaint complaint to Congress as every other whistleblower complaint from the intelligence community has been before and as the statutes statutes suggests that need to be suggest and

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