Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: Common symptoms that could signal lack of the vitamin


How do I know if I'm vitamin D. deficient I mean other than there is a blood test right right there is the blood and locally more and more doctors are ordering the test the problem with getting a blood test the first you have to get your doctor to agree to it and then your doctor has to know something about vitamin D. and many of them are really too busy to read the current research and you have to go and have the blood tests done and then you have to go back and have the doctor interpreted and you hope that by the way the doctor ordered the right test there is there any easier way are there symptoms I could look for that would tell me Pat you're probably I'm not a lifeguard so chances are it and I'm not a not a roofer so probably gonna be vitamin D. deficient other symptoms I can look for yeah not having enough energy is a common one aches and pains that doctors can't diagnose is another one interest only and another is your muscular skeletal system L. kind of ready you feel even your performance on the athletic field we'll talk about that later I have a paper coming up in the about a week talking about vitamin D. effect on athletic performance how sharp you feel mentally whether whether sometimes you're in Paul like you're just not thinking straight vitamin D. is crucial for brain health those are the most common symptoms but it's important understand that most people who are vitamin D. deficient won't have any way of knowing it because they've been deficient for so long they think the way they feel in the way they think and he moved his normal so it can't go

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