Street artists of Port Moresby


The capital of Popular Guinea Port Moresby getting its first taste of street art as a city with serious security and crime issues. These streetscape suggest really littered with high walls barbed wire and graffiti prefer year one. Big Wool has been slowly changing that P. and G. Correspondent Natalie wanting met with the young men adding a touch of color to the city for almost two year thing watching is groups of young men paint a huge wall that surrounds estate mm-hmm knee where I leave in Port Moresby every time I drive past on amazed by the latest developments and the artwork is often a talking point among my friends slowly each panel has been transformed from grey concrete to a scene bursting with life there are traditional painted faces and boats rugby league players independent scenes it's truly incredible and beautiful after watching it's a month's swung I finally pulled out Tila chat to the office take a document attributed a young man named told me Ella is working on a painting the young woman most of the boys here wiccan not educated about nine no none of them went through unity the city you most of them came here with us from the local supplements and community they came here and they lent out the paint and most of the now they're very good you can come around yourself in Sierra on the worst the only the only professional these writings are boss was but all of us none of us went about this but we came here and we learn how to paint and now you can run you can see the worst of done brilliant I would certainly say you are all artists judging by what I'm looking at because it is so beautiful and and I can't believe that none of you have had formal training had you done much painting beforehand or is that just been learning on the job moving loaded job loosely the our bosses my uncle so I've growing up I've seen painter painting drawing and so I started US getting behind him and looking what is twinned lending from him I've become a very good I could say the voice would say could add eh they're all working for group cold toolbox productions the head artist pay to Ella has designed the work which they're painting and the painter you'll Iowa explains the concept mostly the other garrone here for the with the people that own the land and most of the pictures depict the lifestyle traditions and all that also the independence our independence was gained here just proclaimed this where we put this to get most because of the it's been a push recently to try to beautify Port Moresby Spike ins have been banned as a way to try to curb graffiti the young painter slack Tommy Allah have been getting a good response from the public right now I'm working on uh faith in the front face of or our province Gal and it's a I I would say it's my masterpiece yes out say out of all the things done so far this must have be and you can hear I would say you would say oh the buses come and stop in there and say oh good one oh you're not the dog a good one you and kids supposedly kids I'm happy to see kids coming up wall and it makes me feel very very happy and it's fantastic meal sense of pride among the ashes the project is also providing much needed work for them it's not very hard it's not you're not gonNA leave a very big heavy that's all boss say you're gonNA leave the very heavy thing and walk around or no boss is going to come in view instructions and what they do you just going to stand up brushing fan and that's most of the most of the voice right now they're working they get in something the pockets putting food on the table for that it's very nice for good number hip and see records a pretty good job then standing in tiny I love it I love it I've been working different different jobs over this time I'll just come in and just feeling the wind in the sun on my face to sit down and just painting and people come in and just the beginning saying it's all very beautiful it's just I'm happy I I'm GonNa do this I wanna do all my life is hoping that we could say more of these projects in in other parts of the Port Moresby saying you know really beautifying the city and seeing more of this artwork on display differently definitely research that this is a big thing for them and people respect this but I know this is just starting off so hopefully during this time Zone we we're GonNa do this and we're going to be the CDN hopefully go to other provinces as well thought more speed has a lot of issues to deal with if crime poverty poor housing and while some street art can't overcome all of that it's good to say it being so well received and affected kilowatt says that's what's inspiring them or it's been posted comments has been good we've we've Sofa android over because of the push to tennis next limiting so it's been good so far so but can I say group and it seems that people are really respecting an appreciating it I haven't seen much graffiti or things like that have you where it's needed so five gravity's out it's out it's definitely not not if you can see you know walk around the World however he said they are still having a problem with boomer y that's not that paypal chew and then spit a bit like chewing tobacco the trying encourage people not to speech on the wall. The groups now being commissioned to working other parts of the city once this project is finished because we are part of the part of a history history around here so we in the long run I think the boys it was a part of something that's really really worth were put mostly artists Gila a

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