Former Pompeo Adviser Michael McKinley To Testify In Impeach Probe


A former US ambassador is testifying behind closed doors on Capitol Hill today Michael McKinley's testimony is part of the houses democratic let impeachment inquiry of president trump in Pierce David welna reports this comes five days after McKinley resigned as a senior adviser to secretary of state might compare no subpoena was necessary for Michael McKinley to appear today before the impeachment inquiry although he wrote his colleagues that his decision to quit as Pompey owes top adviser was personal a colleague who knows him well says the timing of his departure is striking like McKinley Dennis Jett is himself a former US ambassador it's very hard for any career officer to testify declare a senior level sticking around under this administration this is an assault on American diplomacy that hasn't been seen since the McCarthy era McKinley's testimony comes a day before garden Sunland the trump administration's ambassador to the European Union has to testify as well

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