An $18 Billion Proposal to Settle Opioid Litigation

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We're reporting that three big drug distributors are in talks to pay eighteen billion dollars to settle charges that they opt fuel the OPIOID epidemic the company's mckesson Amarah Spergon and cardinal health are still in negotiations but if a deal is finalized the settled that would be the first to achieve a broad resolution of the opioid lawsuits outside of bankruptcy Charlie Turner has been finding out more from Sarah Reynoso Sir what are the terms of the settlement as far as what you've been told yes so it's still a proposed deal at this point but the idea would be that the three big drug distributors would pay eight keenum billion dollars over a span of eighteen years to resolve all of this opioid litigation and this is just the latest development involving opioid litigation there have been more than two thousand lawsuits so far having their that's right yeah that's there's been tons of moving parts there has been trials underway another trial scheduled the distributors are much more financially solvent so bankruptcy isn't really on the table for them what exactly do these lawsuits seek does it volve compensating communities for the costs of the opioid crisis that's right yeah ultimately what the committees are looking for his money the opioid crisis and so things like the donation of drugs or other non monetary contributions that could help them treat opioid addiction are also welcome did stem further addiction bolster foster programs things like that that have been impacted by the OPIOID crisis and hundreds of thousands of people have died over the past one

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