Fantasy intel for all 32 NFL teams ahead of Week 7


Of information kind of funny because the beginning of the year we were told the Broncos had the most difficult schedule the NFL or second most most behind Texas dipping high look at it now everybody's talking about the schedule being so easy it's funny how on paper something looks in the beginning of the season and you get a way it was easy to find out it's not what you thought you with the Cleveland Browns for instance everybody was in the high pick for the Superbowl now they might not even win their division so you know it's it's it's interesting to watch to stop play out well even in the course of the of the flows of the season I mean as soon as Andrew luck announces retirement a lot of people just immediately said okay the culture gonna be picking in the top five judge go we were set is doing okay in fact the colts might even not necessarily go into the draft picking a high quarterback they might say you know Hey you if you if you could make us a competitive team Jacoby maybe they let you roll with it another year and they'll just bring in a quarterback they'll draft a quarterback to develop behind him I agree and I think it's amazing that you didn't mention Chad Kelly in there once that's because I shouldn't and nobody should here right but they they you know a little help Broncos fans are some people that I know I know I'll floater the one that got away the legend to the got away preseason legend Kyle floater all time grease motor back in a pre season he's putting up some really spectacular preseason numbers Benjamin rushing it yeah but highly loader single handedly ending the dreams of future insurance salesman but but to that point and I and I'm glad you brought that up and we we spoke about this a few times the ANC overall pretty weak conference you have the top in teams right we know those teams it it that doesn't change anything we knew that those teams were gonna probably be good but what happens is there's a lot of middling to bad teams teams actively taking in the A. F. C. N. and then there are teams that are look inconsistent at best and so for for the Broncos that's why you when we were in the midst of the old for when the Broncos were in the midst filled before we were talking about it we said look star string together a few wins yeah you never really know how this is going to shake out and in the midst of the Broncos getting the two wins in a row which they really should have three in a row the chief lose too and they lose too in a way that actually is a replicable likely teams or Detroit Lions basically did it carry that into the colts game the colts they went to Kansas city and they didn't even better and in the Texas look the the Texans model what is John Watson and and the officer told this sort of their shots it wasn't like they they wanted that game saying if we can hold them under twenty no I just did their thing they took chances will fuller drop three touchdowns in that game now three touchdowns in the game on now you know a great week start will fuller your fantasy league yeah I don't know any Benjamin all rights that would have invested heavily in him and done that but I I but yeah yeah that happened well buddy that that's that's what kills is like you know well for the week before hundred seventy yards receiving three touchdowns any of this to find digs going off for three W. like those things happen in that everybody's gonna rush to put it back in their or their line ups and then at the very next week their their disappointment right I'm not appoint chaser by as those good match up and then put in that vein it's not like the tents that that's where I'm I'm like look does the size of the Broncos to do their thing but it doesn't mean that the offense can execute effect I'll go almost a further with you on this bed I think mostly Joe Flacco today I think Joe Flacco once it I think Joe Flacco after kinda have in a a little a little bit of a everything taken off of him like like Hey we got this game Joe don't don't stress too much don't screw up in in the Titans game we got this one the way he's been Kerry himself the way he's been talking about the office I don't have a cut for me but she basically said something to the effect of like we want to be a reason why we win this game but not just part of like along for the ride the office was along for the ride in the Titan's went kinda yeah and I think that Joe Flacco of all people knows what both sides of that coin feel like you know he he was along for the ride with the ravens a lot of the time he also strung together the reason that they got two and won a Superbowl so you've been bullseyes that coin he sees tasted in all the that the tree of of winning in a great offense and now I I I do think that you think is will chip on your shoulder when you come away from the Titans game like well you know we actually kind of stock but the defense held us together you know the run game was next out the past came with very good at it I mean it wouldn't the office of Lee that what a great game by the Broncos are flashes they made some big plays and they need to but they try to put it in kinda cruise control because they knew they didn't have to I mean that the tides getting crossed the fifty yard line in the first three quarters play that I recall they got to the forty nine once had a point all of our four template but I mean you know when you when you bottom up that well get out your office kinda I don't see the check out but you know they recognize are not needed and there can be you can kind of let off the gas a little this was the quote he said there's always that side of it of wanting to go out there and have your claim on the game and all that is like there's always a personal side going out there and playing football games I don't think that always means it's a bad thing it's like I said I think you go out there and focus on what you're doing with the idea that it's for the guy next to you would have to repair the best you can so you're not letting anybody else down but again he kind of point at the very beginning of that he kind of pointed out yeah you know what you play this game you play this game to be remembered you play this game to be a winner and you don't want to be along for the ride of your quarterback like they did there you're less your a career pack up that is being brought in just to keep the seat warm you want to go out there you want to kind of put your stamp on the game just like I didn't get a chance to really do that this last game I think he really wants this one and he's got the defense I think to do that if they can get that run game warmed up early he'll have his spots to be able

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