The Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt


Hey Don have you heard of the enormous bloom of Sarcasm Seaweed in the North Atlantic Shor Ghassem awesome in the Atlantic Ocean is nothing new Christopher Columbus discovered floating mats of Orgasm in the northwestern Atlantic and the fifteenth century these mats are an when important part of Atlantic ecosystem there hot spots of biodiversity hosting fish shrimp crabs birds turtles and dolphins yes but something is is changing since two thousand eleven. NASA satellite imagery shows that the annual bloom of sarcasm has gotten dramatically bigger in the summer of two thousand eighteen knots what's of sarcasm extended more than five thousand miles in a great Atlantic sarcasm belt from western Africa to the Caribbean this is the largest bloom of seaweed lead scientists have ever seen resist great shore dozen built causing harm yes it is wreaking ecological and economic havoc long coastlines in the tropical Michael Atlantic the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico vast quantities of the Seaweed Wash Ashore and wrought releasing foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide had gas while the usual patchy distribution of Sarcasm Matt's benefit sea creatures too much sarcasm especially in coastal areas makes it hard for for them to move and breathe when it dies and sinks at smothers coral and seagrass a though sal awful they're scientists know what caused the change a twenty nineteen study identified increased nutrient runoff due to deforestation and fertilizer use in the Amazon River Basin as one cause change in rainfall and the ocean circulation due to human caused global climate. Change is likely another show. This is just another facet of our growing environmental crisis. This moment of science comes from Indiana University. I'm Yale Cassandra dime don glass.

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