The Astrology of Halloween 2019


A little one. I'm going to have one coming out right after this with a lot more information in coming up here are macrame this just before Halloween but the incredible is an Scorpio and just wanted knowledge how amazing this is above that will give us this incredible opportunity to like seriously do Halloween right now if you're listening to this later let's just bring it in for for those and we are officially moving into the winter and we are celebrating death and transformation big deep into your attachment style to see what is the stuff happening lean this season is the opportunity to absolutely experienced this clean let's see your shadow side led see that come out into the light ecology and so important to how we attach and so important to how we experience life Scorpio to light that energy up but Athena she comes into the ancient wisdom the ancient tuition that lives inside of us sure has a shadow and alight side right you can see both sides right so where does your blood come wrapped into it have you read the methology of your ancestors console timidly a reflection of mythology write there's thing that asks you to tap into from et even worse it can start to build like a monster and take over right without the shame and guilt that is Halloween retrograde in Scorpio I'll be damned and it's interesting because I think of Athena as the feminine Sir Jupiter Mercury is the Messenger God for all and he wants to into transition into Haiti's land right Mercury Gillan idea of being the messenger of people get to know other people shadow to to to see with no space. That's also fantastic right you can you can do that. Great that is the beauty of Halloween and both messengers are really and last but certainly not leases are beautiful friend Venus the goddess and that is the homework that I laid out for October was to really get familiar infancy that created our attachment style I mean the the the information garwe out of that good narrow therapies and amd -tations that can go into the deep deep deep brainwave state to shift we can actually experience more authentic love right more honest brace with the Gods and Goddesses have bestowed upon us one another in the space of transformation in the space ancestoral knowing that ancestral wisdom and what better place to do that then on Halloween so this is a quick happy Halloween episode just a very thet more than anything plane with the shadow I really two thousand and nineteen in charge

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