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Place in the minds of millions of people across the world. Ask anyone you know and they'll recognize her name. And how could they not. Marilyn Monroe enro- is practically unforgettable boa. Most people have forgotten is just how important one particular building was to her career. The Hollywood Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was already an institution when she first arrived adding played host to the elite stars of the thirties and forties so when a young model named Norma Jean. We needed a place to stay and work the Roosevelt made a lot of sense. Marilyn Monroe lived at the Roosevelt for over two years even meeting the playwright Arthur Arthur Miller her future husband during her stay there so it's no wonder that even today guests at the hotel occasionally claimed to have seen the famous actress in the building building in a lot of ways. The place was like a second home to her. So why would she ever want to leave. Hotels are funny that way not the franchise cookie cutter conference centers that we tend to see along the highways of our cities. I'm talking about the old guard the massive resorts built in another era by people of power our to serve as both a business and home the Bellevue Biltmore Hotel in Florida the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles even the original Waldorf Victoria in New York City. Each of these destination resorts burned bright for a while drawing the wealthy elite too. They're attractive flames but most of them conventionally faded away taking their secrets and stories with them and while a handful have survived the changes of the last century view seem to have held onto onto the magic of a gilded age like one particular jewel of New England and I'd like to take you there but be warned

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