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The ex Steeler X. raider and now ex patriot and told your brown has been released by the New England Patriots after a second woman accuse a wide receiver of sexual misconduct brown was already being investigated by the NFL for sexual misconduct when a female artist came forward in a Sports Illustrated article alleging brown exposed himself to the woman after he hired her to paint a mural in his home the four time pro bowler has denied both allegations. would have told him money and there's a big payment coming due next week so by doing this today. they are pre empting a situation perhaps where they might have a older player money who couldn't perform then CVS football analyst and former raider C. E. O. Amy Trask and it doesn't end there his revenue has taken another hit looks like Nike has ended its relationship with a B. as well they say Antonio brown is not a Nike athlete a company spokesman told that to the Boston globe per a source that's very close to the situation this of the wheels were already in motion to terminate the relationship with brown before last week's civil lawsuit against brown of sexual assault and rape there was some concerns about brown from Philly his duties under the agreement especially as it relates to personal appearances unfortunately the San Francisco Giants get shut out in Atlanta tonight six zero in with that win

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