How the whistleblower complaint about Trump is being framed by different news outlets


Weekend okay Hey Democrats have begun this impeachment process and it has already gotten ugly. early on it is clear that it's going to be divisive even more divisive than we already have here in this country because of this love or hate relationship with Donald Trump I know there are two different stories emerging if you only listen to one media outlet you are not going to get a balanced understanding of the issue for example Chris Matthews at MSNBC says already enough evidence to impeach. no no impeachment hearing has occurred house Democrats in fact move to impeach to begin an impeachment inquiry before they even read the transcript of the call the president made to the president of Ukraine which is the foundation for this impeachment process. is that fair. I gotta tell you now that the issues had a couple of days to breathe I don't think it's a slam dunk no based on what you're hearing on CNN and from The New York Times president trump done he's going to be removed from office but the one columnist that I read said it looks like what another one of those democratic moves where the over promise and under deliver. how many times have we over the last almost three years said they got him this is it they begged they've got him and he's going to be forced from office I don't think that's going to happen I don't think that's going to happen this is gonna be another dud from the Democrats and I think it's going to be extremely hurtful. so I what what what I'm saying here is you got to pay attention to all sides of the story if you only hear one story the left will tell you the president called the present of Ukraine and said do me a favor investigate Joe Biden that's not exactly what happened. he called the president Ukraine to congratulate him he said do me a favor look into the hacking of the Democratic National Committee servers this was the Russian hacking of our elections that had some Ukraine connection. and the president asked the new president of Ukraine to investigate that and later on much later on a conversation he said by the way there's this thing about Joe Biden improperly or his son getting improper money from a Ukrainian oil company can you look into that this was it I call you up to investigate Joe Biden that's how it's being portrayed by the way Democrats even asked for Russia this investigation of the DNC hacker to it in the Ukraine they did not want to Ukraine to stop investigating president called president trump calls a new presence as investigate now they want to impeach him so I'm trying to balance this thing for you okay. here's another issue well he moved the conversation the transcript moved away from this a server that is usually stored on and he put it on a super secret server so nobody get to it. okay that's terrible it's a cover up right. let's be open minded here perhaps the president was thinking you don't want their somebody leaking my conversations to the media and going to Congress with my private conversations with other leaders that's not helpful let me put this where no one else can get it okay you gotta have a open mind on this thing I don't if you have a truck derangement syndrome you got you only look at things one way. and the media again they're they're portraying this is a whole different way. so just just keep an open mind here's the other thing that really disturbing this week too they held this hearing where the acting director of national intelligence was called to testify about why the whistle blower report was delayed and why things were moved and it was really was the opening salvo of the impeachment process congressman Adam Schiff the chairman of the house intelligence committee he was trying to set the stage why they are here this transcript damaging to president trump this is how he phrased it I hear what you want. I don't see much reciprocity here. I hear what you want I have a favor I want from you though. and I'm gonna say this only seven times so you better listen good. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent understand lots of it okay that's what he said to the committee guess what. if you've been paying attention to this issue that's not the transcript not even close to what the transcript says he was called out listen to this and while the German was speaking I actually had someone text me is he just making this up and and yes does he want us because sometimes fiction is better than the actual words of the tax look at the American public you're smart they have the transcript they have why would he do that well he got caught here's what he said as a side I do want to mention that my colleague is right on both counts thought okay but also by summary the president's call was meant to be at least part and parity. factor that's not clear is a separate problem in and of itself so there you go I mean this is the insanity that we have begun and hold on to your seats but I I implore you. please try and look at both sides of this thing so if you're only gonna read The New York Times and I'm gonna get a complete report you only watch CNN you're not going to get a complete report I know you may not want to watch boxer go to some of these other websites because it doesn't necessarily agree with the story line you would like to see happen but please this is important. look at both sides and here's the other thing too about this issue. I think it's important that the president of the United States cannot carry on a private conversation irrespective of what he said to through the present of Ukraine that's a different issue but a conversation with another leader it should be sacrosanct the president I stay should be able to have a private conversation with that of other leader and that shouldn't end up being leaked and misinterpreted by people who are able to get. get a hold of this and as it turns out his whistleblower didn't hear it somebody gave it to him and that's how we ended up with his whistle blower complaint and that's why we're going down the impeachment process all right that's enough willow will go on to some other

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