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Hey Cami Hey Monica. Guess what I got a really funny. DM from a listener last week. A D M A direct message in my inbox area. Yeah I thought maybe I could read it out and we could provide the answer on the pod as opposed to online fine. Okay hit me tangled thread four thousand five rights. Hey any chance you guys could do an episode on what should go into a girl's closet without the trends. I know it's possible ospel to Google it but a lot of us want to hear it from you dot dot dot or at least I do and here. She inserts a photo of her closet which to be totally honest. Looks a lot neater than mine but anyway she goes on on this. What is a big mess? I keep buying stuff and there's still nothing in it cheers angell. Let's so nice while tangled thread. Four thousand five. It's funny you should ask because this. This episode is actually going to be full of answers. I suspect not only are we going to be interviewing the founders of one of the world's leading secondhand fashion retailers that's yeah collective which By the way allows you to buy and sell second hand pieces designer secondhand pieces but also coming. I feel like we need to talk about this. Eternal problem of all of us feeling like there's nothing to wear in our wardrobes. Having a wardrobe full of clothes an attorney thinking oh I have nothing to wear exactly and we're kind of clearly missing. The mark of this is a problem problem. A societal problem because we're buying a lot of stuff but we're not buying the right stuff. I also think that a lot of us. I've heard a lot lately that instagram's our social media's to blame for this and it's because girls don't want to repeat outfits on the ground don't want to be seen wearing the same things tonight in a row etc etc.. But I oh. I think that this problem dates back to way way way more before that says that people have been overwhelmed by sort of trends flying at them for a really long time. And it's hard to pare back to the essentials. Well I think also women often want to wear something new to feel confident and and and that's great great but what about also training yourself to not need something new to feel confident on on the country learning to mix and match of things that you have in different ways so that you actually really playing around with your wardrobe so much better exactly. And I'm sort of training myself. That way and trying to really invest in Ki Ki. He says I have to say those are what I feel Augustine. Speaking of I wanted to give a shoutout to this amazing stuff. It's called the registry which is a website that allows you to repair things that you've previously love. Do they come pick up the broken pieces from your house. Yes so basically. It's a website you see. You can go on it. I think it's the restaurant or calm. I haven't checked and we'll put it in the show notes but basically you can send anything from a chanel handbag with a broken chain. A lovely pair of Bali pumps that all worn down. Or I don't know you. You have your favorite dress that needs fit into your body. Because it's it no longer fits and actually I think we so often think of replacing things buy new ones when we want something Robin repairing so anyway not everyone think of also repairing the things you love before you start investing even if it's investing in vintage pieces that I think it's good to get these these new kinds of services out there. Yeah I agree. Check it out. Also I went to the trouble to properly answer this listener. That was so honored. Also we're going to be fashioned agony. The neons yeah so I actually wrote down my essential pieces that I could not live with her in my wardrobe okay. I've really thought about this. Go on okay. So a perfect suit preferably in black Assamese had measles a great one. I would say velvets a lot of it. Suit Yup. Okay where where's your velvet. Suit is from Ray. His own brown raise amazing as well almost flat but but not quite flat elegant boots I think a day and by far are really good for this or if you have a bit more budget products are brilliant boots a pair of black gray white and dark blue ankle skimming jeans not too tight higher wasted. Because it's more flattering Goldstein. Denim are very good at this. Yeah I think with Denim. It's what works for you. I think each fasten their favorite stall. I'm I'm going for a very mom jeans. Look at the Mo- I go through phases but I think just find what fits you. Yeah Golden Helmet Lang as well a helmet line Unisex. Gre like ninety one pair of slingbacks in a neutral color probably blacked to dress at the black gene at night and make your ankles look great a crisp white shirt go one size up. You don't want it to be tight. Where'd you get your shirts from? There's a brand called with nothing underneath. I I really like a Bronco Ankle pieces of white which is really good but I like men shots. I like Ralph. Lauren Noah size small Mensur. Yeah sometimes even better than this is good for shots okay. Uniqlo's well wait t shirts from current Elliott great feel and tank tops internal next from a brand that. I've just discovered this dude looled. The Francis dilaudid in English. It's really fake. Check it out and have a great instagram account as well and a body suit to wear under the jacket. which because you can separate the jacket from the suit and just wear it with jeans right but then you WanNa wear in a casual way but open and you have to have something underneath presume bodysuits really good? I feel like this is tetris actress fashion. We should be providing the maximum amount of outfits. You can wear with these combos yet. So would you add anything. Maybe a piece of statement jewelry like from at Gerry. A or an Isa Kerr McGee. I would also add a pair of What I like to call cities meakers things that you were like for example of cool new balance or as X.? Trainers absolutely necessary sustainable option. Yeah I wear my new balance a lot I have to say I love. Also a big extra-large man coats your because I think you can wear whatever whatever you want underneath and just throw it on not be called and then you can have like skimpy little mini dress underneath if you're going out whatever and you'll find even if it's freezing and that's the last is key investment piece potentially the most expensive. Oh by the way also I really believe in like if you have old jewelry that maybe let your mom gave you or something but it feels old school. You can get converted birded into something really new and cool as well like Jesse Thomas Jewelry that her dad's a Master Goldsmith. She's learnt his art and she's learned how to do this and she has really cool. Modern tastes but with all of this stuff. You don't you don't need to buy things not to be preachy anyway. One more thing I wanted to tell you on this topic Chemi is. I met this girl the other day. on this visit London called Catherine quenches. I've heard of her. She's brilliant super committed minimalist. She's black for the past eight really. She hasn't won another Nkala rather than like a commitment. Quite extreme. Yeah not much light. But she's like totally committed and she's super chic anyway. She designs in other neutral colors. Black and everything goes super well together and she has created city break. Capsule wardrobes. So you can actually buy the whole thing together. You don't even have to think about it and everything goes perfectly. So there's just put a London won the Perez ones coming through in the Florence and it's actually all inspired by Joan. Didn't packing list love lies. We read it out the packing list. Yes yes let's do it. I love it me find. It's the sinked. Travel is below taped inside joined idioms closet door in Malibu for many years consisted of everything thing the author needed when she set out on assignment it was printed along with digits owner analysis of it in her nineteen seventy-nine collection of nonfiction. The white album. Here it is the pack and where to Scott's to jerseys or leotards one pullover sweater two pairs of shoes stockings Bra nightgown robe slippers cigarettes Borbon. We forgot the sweaters. We did forget sweat is Saddam patters William very important. Yes okay bag. Doug with shampoo toothbrushes toothpaste basis soap. Razor yoder an aspirin prescriptions tampax. Face cream powder baby while to carry Mojo throw typewriter interesting. Yeah we definitely don't have those anymore. Legal Pods pens files. House House. Cow Ski this list right Stadion which was taped inside my closet door in Hollywood during those years when I was reporting more or less steadily the list enabled me to pack back without thinking for any piece. I was likely to do notice the deliberate anonymity of the costume in a skirt a leotard stockings. I could pass on either side of the culture. You're not the mohair throw for trunk line. Flights III no blankets and for the motel room in which the air conditioning could not be turned off. I hate notice Bourbon for the same motel room. Notice the typewriter for the airport coming home. The idea was to turn in the Hertz car check in and find an empty bench and start typing the days notes. It should should be clear that this was a list made by someone who prize control urine after momentum. Someone determined to play her role as if she had. The script heard the cues new the narrative narrative. There is on this list. One significant emission one article I needed and never had a watch. I needed to watch not during the day when I could turn on the car radio or ask ask someone but at night in the motel quite often. I would ask the desk for the time if you how so until finally embarrassed ask again I would call US Angie's and ask my husband in other words. I had skirts jerseys leotards plover sweater shoes. Stockings Bra nightgown rope slippers. Cigarettes Borbon Shampoo toothbrush brush and paste basis soap razor deodorant. ASPIRIN PRESCRIPTIONS Tom. Impacts face cream powder baby oil mojo throw typewriter legal pads pens end files and a house-key but I didn't know what time it was. This may be a parable either of my life as a reporter during this period or of the period itself isn't that brilliance. I do it

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