Hong Kong protester apparently shot in chest by police officer


Kong cloudy rose said of the independent women's forum has been in Hong Kong these last hours and days Arkady was there earlier in the cycles FOR many weeks and then left momentarily and is now back to report on what she's seen over these last twenty four hours we have incomplete reports of confrontations leading to at least one death what looks to be a gunshot death of a protester a young person now I want to frame this before going to Claudia cloudy semi videos are during the precedent during the run up to the demos last night what I saw where young people children for my part of the winners seventy one years old you're allowed to say children when they're under twenty children holding hands and singing songs that's what I saw I also saw a city that was prepared for worse well apparently it came Claudia a very good morning to you it is now October second for you we are getting incomplete reports here of violence but more to the point I want to know how the Carrie lam administration Caroline was in Beijing for the parade of missiles how they prepared and executed their police presence during the October first protests good morning to you. good morning driving cleaning up as China's national day basis to his very own are looking to update you on one thing the teenager who was shot point blank in the chest by a police officer is alive he's in critical condition but he's in the hospital but he looks like he will survive that's good that to your main question the way that they prepared here for national day was the chief executive left for Beijing to celebrate China is the second anniversary of communist China and leaving her deputy in charge here and effectively the police in charge of the streets who began by the day began with the shut down of critical natural state subway stations they called the MTR here and when I went down into the wind here's where I'm standing to see what what was going on in the NPR first thing I run into are a riot police into big huddles because while the NPR in the now thing they're doing this for passenger safety actually the greatest threat to safety in Hong Kong has the con itself police force right now you know quick behind it the threat of the turning those people's armed police and people will Gration are eight but they use the metro as staging areas at this point and get more from which they can boil up almost anywhere to very official subway system and means like the people are wall that is very communist China the people are world out using their own and she are on grounds that they don't want people coming to these protests and from there it just spot on in two it basically. carrying a violent or well territory there was a big March that Hong Kong people wanted to hold a lawyer usual bring Josh on day and they always protest against China on national day this is the first year that it was banned and it was bad with all sorts of threats that things would go badly for anyone who showed up alright. I could don't know the numbers except that they were huge a little thousandths thousandth thousand showed up probably a hundred thousand maybe more it just went on and on if you. materialize and they took the roots and chanting as they went fight for freedom extent with Hong Kong I watch and take down yet more of these big banners that the government has put up celebrating the seventieth anniversary of communist China crowd cheering I thought they were very painting graffiti free Hong Kong and so on they walked down the surveillance lamb calls in the what we're reading about is vandalism is targeting sites and symbols of authority they went past Jewish shops that which they didn't touch they went past hi and shopping malls where did you spray paint graffiti on shop that deals that are basically dealing with the big with that are backed by trying to interest but the rest of it they really leave alone and this that turned into confrontations which went on in districts all over Hong Kong as half the MTR stations were shut down as white police came out and fired in another finance it's your gas which they do at this point indifferent to whether there are families with kids in strollers in nearby to death nothing to do with that yes it's a terrible scene and what a border one two is kind of groups are really here already certainly on the street. John is rules was second looks like cloudy as they grow this can you imagine a little for us Hong Kong a year from now. I can tell you what it looks like I saw it late last night when I took a stroll through the what was it those awards out where they were already had trucks out cleaning up the the garbage the debt collectors which the protesters the drive to form barricades all right it looks like what was a really beautifully cacti and street wear it's a pleasure to walk around turn into a rubble strewn a landscape covered with graffiti there's free Hongkong fight out one last the defense boil down to they want to elect their own leaders on and it it was just a dark trash out city you never used to be an add on click on television years ago saying that the credibility of different it would show fibercon con and then it would show a dark gray obscene basically like communist China thirty years ago and I looked at the scene last night and if you could still this turned out so thick that add hours afterward as they were cleaning up. we're still gagging and coughing as they walked home to places in one try which is where what sort of good pitched battles are fought over and over because it's near the main police headquarters near the central government complex and those are two sites they go to all right so it's weak. but now that they've already arrested a hundred eighty people in late yesterday that's on top of more than fifteen hundred before the act they had begun rounding them up before this national day that president xi Jinping in China calls we should check the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation unfortunately he's rejuvenating it as a total of date on and basically if they sure is violent and what they wanted to hear is a culture of individual freedom will be a real desire for liberty and rule of law and that's why you're getting these tremendous showdown this is where the two tectonic plates of our time are your really meeting right now hearing aid versus hiring is free society. we just have a minute I want to because you said you were a Tiananmen you saw before and after Tiananmen and I've seen before and after on October first twenty nineteen are the mainland authorities are they a. intimidated to use the mortal violence they use thirty years ago what are they are they in some way holding back. it's very possible again we're all guessing it's possible they are because they want Hong Kong junior reserve banking. its support for foreign exchange but I they have been letting this play out right I think it's shado fighting in a way real people are really getting hurt but in Beijing where they just have their huge military parade. at this point they're letting call control itself apart and the question is how will they finally after being at I would not rule out guns by any stretch marks. slowly rose said of the independent women's forum she's reporting from Hong Kong the events before during and after the confrontation on October first twenty

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