Rep. Katie Hill resigns amid claims she was involved in romantic 'throuple' with staffer


This resignation of congresswoman Katie hill I would have thought it was a slam dunk okay you in such mission guy few relationship first the she was an open bisexual okay no problem young congresswoman California rising democratic star the same ages like AOC in the squad thirty one thirty but she had a relationship there was her husband and there was a female staff member right and apparently they had no problem exploiting that taking pictures of it sort of the threesome that they were in trouble from point never heard that I hadn't either but it's a thing seems like California has a growing wave of this it's all over the country because it's not just California all right and what exactly is a fraud pulled into the I. more knowledgeable I'm just reading about it I guess it's just a when a couple brings a third person into the relationship not just for a one night stand three some but for actual the it's it's your relationship you have relationships with them I mean and it sounds as though she it Katie still have the relationship with the staffer well the husband I I don't know I wasn't in there but that's what I'm that's what I'm understanding get all three of them a swapping spit from that I mean I guess so but so she has admitted that that that that is true there's another accusation against her that she had another improper relationship with one of her congressional staffers she is denying that she's that didn't happen she said all of these pictures that have been leaked on the internet have been leaked find her now estranged husband who she says is abusing her and is basically trying to ruin her life and so she decided she was going to resign I mean that what there's a couple things going on here number one is she being fought shamed I mean that's all over the place because people seem to be less interested in the aspect of her having inappropriate relationships with people that are server under her then they are interested in pictures that are being put out there by her allegedly ex husband they clearly talk with one another that they shared with one another they clearly now or she's claiming a part of a right in line right wing conspiracy to destroy her well I don't know I mean I don't know how it's a right wing to what has been like I know but these things right but the the form that they came out was a right wing website so she's claiming this is all a Kabam my husband the right wing web site and sentiments of lady in fact let's listen to ad she talks about her resignation from the house last night I announce the most difficult decision of my life that I would be resigning from Congress I made this decision so that my supporters my family my staff and our community will no longer be subjected to the pain inflicted by my abusive husband and the brutality of hateful political operatives in women as she won what was to come on Republican district in that mid term election is some Democrats got into their house seats as a result of that then she spoke of the abuse of this this coordinated campaign carried out by the right wing media and Republican opponents enabling and perpetuating my husband's abuse by providing him a platform is disgusting and unforgivable and they will be held accountable well I would imagine that it wouldn't just be right wing platforms I mean anybody that would get this information will probably have a have a have put it out there well but then again she looking for some sympathy and empathy and she says this is a case of revenge porn she's a victim of this some people call this electronic assault digital exploitation others call it revenge porn as the victim of it I call it one of the worst things that we can do to our sisters and our daughters I am grateful for all of you who have spoken out about this in recent days as I have before I will stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves because there is one thing that I know for sure I will allow my experience to scare off other young women or girls from running for office for the sake of all of us we cannot let that happen she's trying to control the narrative and she's trying to control the narrative in a way that makes her look like a hero and a victim who is now going to go after people who put out revenge porn on their exes but the fact is that she had an inappropriate relationship with either one or two staffers of hers and this is accountability I don't she's being held accountable okay she gets it and neither does Camelia Harris com on her hello Larry former Attorney General California US Senate a California now running for the democratic nomination was whose lent her voice to supporting congresswoman Katie hill on this is sort of like with the death of John Conyers he had staff people on board for many years he was the dean of Congress then he had taken advantage up that once he had taken advantage of them he had them signing non disclosure agreements that pulls Bonham the speak where the house at the time the Republican the time being and before that pelo C. kept a slush fund to keep these mail congressman asa harm's way both Democrats and Republicans in that recently came all to light so why is it she thinks she's being you can't have it both ways you can't have it both ways if this was a man who is accused of having a relationship with a staffer he would be in trouble too you're not supposed to have relationships with people that serve under you whether they're your employee whether they're your skin rational staffer it's inappropriate and it creates a dangerous situations because it could be used for bed coercion you know you got you got an issue of power being held over somebody and if that somebody wants to keep their job they're gonna feel pressure to basically Chile to the person who is in power and what does it say about the old sure religious the Mormons or even the Muslims who believe you could have multiple wives live polygamists lifestyle our country said no especially in running for political office these are not formal marriage so for instance when we see these whether they call them again troubles they seem to be always two women and one man and it seems like the man can do whatever he wants he can go outside of the relationship have sex with a man or a woman and likewise a woman can go outside of their relationship and have sex with a man or woman but it's often times the woman who's bringing a woman into the relationship where all three live together although they're not formally getting married I don't think they can they can get married yeah well I married couple getting married again I'm figuring California would end up doing that well I know that there are there are stories I read the New York Post and I've seen some crazy stories about the sexual lives of new Yorkers a particularly here in Manhattan I you know I I don't I don't understand this world it says something well look what the what a couple dozen the privacy of their own bedroom is really not my I don't really care but again it's she's acting like she's so put upon but the fact is it was with a staffer if it was some person that was outside of the the the campaign okay whatever outside of our staff none of my business I don't care but it was it with a staffer her underlings therefore inappropriate she thought she was so right she should have just run for reelection twenty twenty the house see she would've been challenged in a primary by Democrats what they know about it then then guess what if she wins the nobody can ever sit there and say well guys you know what you can date you get go hadn't date your staffers it's no big deal yeah no problem at all there's no issue of

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