Big storms could snarl Thanksgiving travel


Twenty seven the day before thanksgiving twenty nineteen one of the biggest if not not the the the biggest biggest biggest biggest travel travel travel travel days days days days of of of of the the the the year year year year whether whether whether whether a a a a big big big big issue issue issue issue this this this this year year year year as as as as we we we we hear hear hear hear from from from from correspondent correspondent correspondent correspondent John John John John Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence road road road road wreckage wreckage wreckage wreckage in in in in Washington Washington Washington Washington state state state state as as as as dozens dozens dozens dozens of of of of vehicles vehicles vehicles vehicles get get get get caught caught caught caught in in in in a major accident near Spokane icy roads in an isolated snowstorm are to blame according to Washington state patrol in Nebraska authorities said they were called to at least fifteen crashes caused by snow we slick roads similar problems in parts of California my first time traveling up this you know when it's snowing never really been out to this not until today we're trying to make it out there their training everybody around it's gonna be possible the National Weather Service is powerful storms are creating hazardous conditions for spots in the western and central sections of the country Jed fall grain is with the state's DOT this obviously is our first big hitter for the for the season hi it's not something that's new to us we're just gonna Porter boots back on your balls right to go in and go and hit the road a winter weather advisory of some sort is affecting more than twenty million people from the west coast to the Great Lakes resident Clayton Dougherty says he's staying indoors as much as possible once I have for that guy is prepared and ready good advice from

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