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Stephen Nation, Louise Lynton And Clinton discussed on Outdoorsman Radio Show


Stephen nation and she has some criticism for the trump administration over trophy hunting imports her name is Louise Lynton not mission within one of those base she's taking aim at trump administration because she's a Scottish actress Anne and she voiced her displeasure over the news of a trophy hunter who was allowed to import a lion's head into the country the first instance of such an import since the trump administration reversed in Obama era policy the band trophy hunter from doing just that in an Instagram post she shared this week Clinton stated American should not be permitted to kill exotic animals for fun she then included language from part of a press release issued by the center for biological diversity in September I'm sure they're very important this isn't the first time letting his voice your frustration with the trump administration's attitude attitude towards big game hunting in June she told the Los Angeles magazine that she was quote very upset by the administration's efforts to re write federal rules on big game hunting he wasn't upset that

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Stephen Nation, Louise Lynton And Clinton discussed on Outdoorsman Radio Show

Outdoorsman Radio Show 6 months ago

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