The Monster Slayer


I want to tell you a story about a monster slayer Robert Are you game I am gay okay so once upon a time in medieval Japan there was a warrior named minimal oh no Raiko he was daring swordsman and he was famous everywhere for his bravery and his resolve and Reiko had in his service a companion named watanabe notes Suna who was also courageous and he was a formidable fighter in his own right and he wielded a bow and Arrow war suit of armor and they rake Oh and sooner were traveling on the road to key to Yama when they saw a skull floating in the sky flying in and out of the clouds above now sooner we're curious how such a thing could be so they decided let's follow the skull and they followed the flying skull all the way to Keg Arocca where it leads them to a crumbling old mansion from ancient times the decaying manor was surrounded by wild overgrown weeds in an old gate choked by vines so Reiko ordered Suna wait for him outside and Reiko entered the mansion alone as he approached the threshold he started to become aware of a presence there was an old woman lurking behind the door and he called out who are you she replied I've been living here for a good long time I am too hundred ninety years old and have served in their turn nine lords of this house and then Reiko saw her she was a horrible sight to behold before the war years is the old woman grasped her own eyelids with a tool and she flipped her eyelids back over the top of her head like a hat then she pushed her south open with a large hairpin and her lips became gigantic and she took her lips and she tied them around her own neck and her breasts began to sag down to her lap like rags the old woman began to speak again she said spring comes in autumn goes but my sad thoughts remain the same years again end but my misery is eternal this place is a demon's din no human dares pass through gates my sorrowful youth has gone but my old self sadly remains element that Bush warblers depart and swallows on the beam fly off in her sorrow the wretched old woman begged Reiko to killer with his award and put her out of her misery Reiko could see that the old woman was out of her mind so he left her alone and he instead decided to go into the house to see what had happened in salt the mystery of the flying skull and what was afflicting this woman making her think she lived demons den so he went inside the house and outside the sky grew dark and pherson winds begin to blow but soon awaited loyally for his master and inside the House Reiko began to hear the sounds of footsteps echoing like the beat of a hand drum then he saw coterie of spirits and goblins coming into the room with him but the creature didn't attack instead they only danced around and then after his fear before passing out through another door in their place came into the room a tiny woman no more than three feet tall but with a gigantic taste more than two thirds of her whole height and she had stick heavy eyebrows and when she opened her mouth Reiko could see her front teeth were black she wore we'll have an a red Hakima with nothing underneath her arms were so thin they were like strings and her skin was Pale as snowfall then that woman disappeared and Reiko realize don was nearing almost as soon as the strange woman left another woman came into the room this time the woman was graceful and calm and so beautiful that Reiko could barely believe his eyes he thought that this woman must be the true mistress of the old house finally coming out to welcome him and her is shown as bright as the reflection of a bonfire in black lacquer but when Reiko was distracted by the woman's beauty she got the better of him she lifts did up the him of her Hakima and from underneath it she heaved at the swordsman some kind of material what looks like balls of white cloud and the balls of white cloud blinded him they got his is in a rage Reiko drew his sword and a slashed the woman but she evaporated into thin air he slashed so mightily the soared passed through the floorboards and cut a foundation stone and the tip of the blade broke off where the woman had been there was now nothing but a pool of white blood on the floor with a trail of more white blood leading off somewhere else Reiko and soon joined together again and they followed the trail of white blood out of the else up into the mountains and finally to the mouth of a dark cave out of which white blood was flowing like a river at soon as suggestion the two of them made an effigy of written and vines in the shape of a man and they carried it before them as they enter the cave inside the cave they found a gigantic monster in the form of a mountain spider but nearly two hundred feet tall and wore a brocade on its head its eyes were as bright as the sun and the moon the giant monster bellowed what has happened to my body it is so painful then the monster hurled something at them in the dark and the projectile hit the effigy that they carried in front of them and knocked it down Reiko and SUNA examined the object the monster had shot at them and they discovered that it was the broken tip of Reiko says award together they took hold of the creature and they began to drag it out of the cave and the monster put up a good fight and it was a terrible monster indeed strong enough to with boulders with its legs so Reiko said a prayer to the sun goddess a Montereau sue and asked her for aid with the fight Reiko in Suna pulled and pulled actually the monster collapsed and fell belly up on the earth without hesitation Reiko drew his sword and chopped off the monster's head soon Aranda slash chopin the monster's belly but found when he got there that it had already been opened by a deep gash this was the wound Reiko had given it inside the house when it was in the former if the woman in this proved that the giant spider truly was the beautiful woman that he had seen from the gas in the giant spiders belly one thousand nine hundred the ninety heads tumbled out onto the ground the warriors cut open another part of the spider's body and many smaller spider monsters swarmed out each about the size as of a seven or eight year old child when the warriors looked further in the stomach of the spider beast they found twenty human skulls knowing what had to be done Reiko in Suna dug a grave in the ground and buried the twenty skulls and then burned the giant spiders din when the emperor heard but Reiko and soon had done in eliminating this heinous monster that had been plaguing the country he gave them promotions and appointed them governors of their own provinces and this is the story of Moton no Raiko and the giant spider that is a fabulous story I love it I just like the the the layers of the adventure and then just the the revelation ends about the horrific monstrosity that they're faced with I like how it's weird and rambling like it takes a long time to get to the final form of the monster you don't really know where it's GonNa go it takes you to a haunted house I something about that feels both unusual and intuitive the so that they start off seeing the skull and I have to assume that I guess the skull was some form of the monster I don't know but but also like how in a lot of the monster slayer stories you come across there's a more specific reason that the that the hero must undergo the quest to slay the monster that they have to rescue a princess or something right this time they're just detectives investigating something weird that they saw eventually leads them into the monster's cave to kill it which also ultimately kind of makes you feel bad for the monster like it didn't even kidnap anybody they knew they just like made their way to it seems to be entirely recreational on their part yeah well I mean I guess it kind of makes them like a some kind of roving police force almost in a way or maybe they just needed the experience points I mean that it's true so this giant spider story comes from an early fourteenth century Japanese picture scroll called the Sushi Goumas Soci- and the version of the worry that I read is as translated by the scholar Dr Nuriko T- writer who you've referenced on the show before I think in our episode about cuteness and monstrosity ooh that would make sense yeah so so my version of the story I just told was based on her translation of this fourteenth century scroll and this is not the only legend `bout giant spiders in early modern Japan the Sushi Ghouma were earth spider was a common monster found in no plays and in supernatural narratives in the following centuries but there are also other spider monsters like the ONI which was sometimes described as like a giant spider with the head of a bull and it attacks fishermen at the water's edge and there's also the jurors Ghouma which is the literally the prostitutes spider and it's another ghost like creature that appears in the literature of the Edo period shape shifting like the Sushi Boom Oh between the forms of a beautiful woman and a voracious arachnids luring men to their deaths a classic trope of of monsters appearing as is desirable humans or even non human entities of course and you see that too in in the Sushi in the story where the spider monster appears as this beautiful woman in the House and distracts the swordsman with her beauty Just long enough to throw clouds white matter in his eyes who knows what that's supposed to be I don't know if I guess it's the Silk Right Oh maybe yeah I don't know it's supposed to be I mean it's it's described as literally like clouds it's hard to know exactly what is referring to it seems to be some kind of magical substance all right yeah so we're doing something a little bit different today than we usually do in our October assode where we love to focus on monsters today we wanted to take a look at the immortal enemy of our beloved monsters the monster slayer Yeah the thing that defines the hero other times there's not a lot to say about the monster itself except certain hero of note gave it a good slaying at some point yeah and it's almost as deep and as old as the monster mythology itself ride the oldest monster stories you can find when you go back in time very often are Mr slayers stories there's a monster and there's a hero who must venture out often alone or with a faithful companion to face the monster and destroyed Royat in the monster slayer archetype is actually classed as a particular type of like myth archetype the the the princess in the Dragon type story which appears all all over the world in different cultures in you know in the that's the very broad take you know that there's like a princess who's being held captive or being threatened by some kind of monster and a hero must venture out with courage and face the

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