Johnson seeks 12 December election after shelving 'do or die' Brexit pledge

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The UK has just one week left to get out of the European Union of course deadlines have been coming and going in the Brexit saga for three years now as you may recall earlier this week British prime minister bars Johnson was trying to ram his one hundred ten page bill through Parliament in Brig Knicks indeed there were one hundred twenty four pages of notes but Johnson seems to be a man of compromise if they genuinely want more time to mm studied this excellent deal they can have it but they have to agree to a general election on December the twelve that's the way forward got that members of parliament can have more time to study the bill if they also agree to a general vote at this point Johnson might see a popular election ticket to Brexit success the opposition party is not so keen on his new compromise here's the Labor Party's Valerie Has Majesty's opposition Labor Party will in election wants no deal is no deal means leaving the EU without any agreement on Tariffs Migration even basic regulations in other words just getting out of the EU as fast as possible. Britain's fashion industry would surely hate that according to trade group ninety percent fashion designers in the okay say they would prefer to remain in the European Union the world's Orla Barry in London has more on that the lady Gaga and fashion they feed a long way from brexit and Boris Johnson the golden and Anti Brexit March you see many protesters wearing t shirts that read fashion hates brexit's and cancel breakfast those t shirts designed by Catherine Hamnes one of the pie in years of modern British fashion many in the business keep their mouths shush when it comes to politics but how much is not one of them hate this whole thing to show me one good reason for Brexit if you can find it anywhere because I can't it's just heartbreaking hamlet I made front page news in one thousand nine hundred four at a party at Margaret interest house the former British prime minister has how many turned to greet patter she opened her coat revealing a t shirt that read fifty eight percent don't want pershing pershing was a reference to American missiles being deployed in Europe at the time stone cemented hamlet status as a designer and an activist but despised the publicity harmless is not convinced that her famous t shirts are all politically powerful unit we've got marches we've got petitions we got t shirts but failed the only thing that she changes politicians behavior is something that threatens their ability to get reelected that's what we're trying to galvanize people to do to achieve right to their MP and say represent my views I won't be watching the next election the fashion industry is worth over thirty billion pounds a year to the UK economy that's almost forty billion dollars but in the brakes debase politicians pay much more attention to industries like fishing Russia given absolute showrooms that it will be for the U K in the UK alone to determine who is in our national waters after daily signed and that industry as up to only around one and a half billion pounds annually fashion employs almost as many people as the finance collector in Britain but not many talking about what happens to this business after Brexit Tamra Ginger is hoping to change that she launched fashion roundtable the brexit referendum party's away to lobby politicians about the needs of the industry many business people now say they just wanted definitive decision by the UK Vermont but gingic says most people in fashion want to remain part of Europe the people we speak to want to second referendum I often the question has your vote changed asserting boy and do they feel that the politicians are listening to them now and it's not just about the designers many of the fashion students studying in the UK come from Europe Paul you listen recruiter at the London College of fashion he says those foreign students in particular or worried about what breaks it means for their future your specific risks is it conversation with our students to make sure they have right to remain or the half settled status the amount of students we have we've got over hassle on you are in a position where that may affect them going forward but unlike many in the fashion business you lose up piece for a few reasons saw a steady increase and our Service but will they stay after graduation and after brexit if it ever happens the designer Catherine Hamnes his not convinced they will relieve your they've been facism towards European now and also it feels that the financial economic prospects of British fashion industry where they're working again to shrink radically under brexit so better make a move now you know sooner rather than later others in the industry are thinking the same thing Tamra gingic from fashion roundtable says many designers have already moved offices to other parts of Europe. I've met with some that have already relocated the business I've met some here moved part of their snus because this is an exciting creative hop they might keep their tech teams here but they're basically moving their logistics I'm more importantly taxation out the UK for her Katherine Hamnes has opened a company in Italy she hopes it would make her business a little more brexit proof and ask for that iconic t shirt and tour infamous meeting with Maggie Thatcher early selfish I just thought it was a photo opportunity I mean I had no idea that it will have such extraordinary longevity I just thought it was here today gone today quite funny sure it's been a millstone my neck of since and for most people

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