The Astros Fire Their Assistant Manager After He Taunted Female Reporters


Yes if age down doesn't have enough problems in referring to the Astros down to heading into DC the team has dismissed assistant general manager Brandon tall bin for directing inappropriate comments that female reporters following they're headed winner over the Yankees the team issued a statement saying Toppin's conduct did not reflect the organization's values adding that the firing is the most appropriate course of action the Astros initially denied tarpons comments chronicled the Sports Illustrated report where directed at the female reporters but they say they learned otherwise following an investigation and have since apologized to SIA and its reporter GM Jeff Lou now with this response it's not what I want to be here talking about and is that you know hopefully when AJ gets in here you will get back to talking about game three in the series it's unfortunate timing and it's unfortunate stage for this to occur but the comments that were made were incorrect regardless of whether was on a big stage or not so you know we stand by the decision that we made today I thought if I went out and that is a lot of people that side before or not so in that respect yes I did yeah that's an interesting

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