The Lowest Limit


Hello my favorite murder it's a podcast you like remember that's carrying Kilkare oh that's short of heart from last week you remember it was I believe Thursday of last week were you less checked him and the past hundred thousand Thursdays before though been through so many Thursdays together as it's like we're thirsty thirsty Thursday everybody has everyone's favorite day are you what's going on has your coffee gets tough gross gross sorry sorry sorry Canadians I forgot that people like my sister who have miss a phony a- believe it's pronounced can't have you just drinking coffee into the Mike as a joke okay because they don't like sounds we just got so many hang-ups Yup come back and back I'm sorry a she'll never drink again she's going to die of thirst so will for oh you listener yeah what's up with you you know I see your sparkling nail Polish night it is really nice because I wanted to TV yesterday but feel guilty just doing nothing or watch TV so either paint my nails are so some Shit Oh yeah would even sell in all so like a vintage dress that has a rip on the side just men I'll mend little women style yeah or I'll paint my nails in so that's why I have sparkling nails today I'm calling you Joe why oh one of the sisters I wish you wouldn't know it isn't the best nickname video while my dad's in town that's right as you well know because I am armed Jim out two minutes trank God for Vince a role because I couldn't I was like I'm GonNa have to dad come to the studio while we record for two hours and we're going to be in a little room yelling fuck and my dad's GonNa be sitting outside with his arms crossed and he'll be like no in here it's fine but he can't like sit his hip is hired or either that or try to wrangle him into an Uber by himself never right couldn't do it yet could do it my my sister had taken uber to a firemen's lunch recently she's like do not drive to environments launch where all you do is drink but we were both so worried we're like what if it's a really low car he can't get into an out of a low carb says he is GonNa get into a stranger's car now he's going to need to see his ID he's I don't mind dad drives a newborn I don't even think he can you know how to order and get into take a ride from hoover car is like if it was if he calls one he won't get it I was actually just telling him how proud I am that he is the kind of person that at least tries to operate in the modern world yeah because I said and he said this to me because we of course we immediately start talking about politics and the way things are because it makes me very happy that my dad is not a Republican arrive at you I wish you would keep I have hope so but I said part of it must be the intense fear people who grew up without computers Alton it's younger people can't imagine it but like my parents people baby boomers knows people at that age it's not just liberals they want US use the word Burlson say that's the enemy or that's he's ruined everything what they're really scared of his technology because they don't understand it and they don't interact with it that much and when they don't do yeah they yeah when they do it's like everyone's coming to get your thing lock your door Indiana this flag what their media that what the earn too for trump laura is and so it's just like I'm like that it's just the idea that you have that iphone yeah access and you try to do things is like the whole spirit of all of it is just like get in there a little bit look your old but you're still doing shit that's all we're saying just live in the fucking real world basically one of the golden girls just on click off like you told your children's so many years before turnoff that TV Saturday getaway from the pipeline that says you're you should be in fear of the other person but don't go overboard like Mardi and like go full fledged into Instagram I was sixteen I got on the Internet and was in chat rooms and Shit I would've fucking broken my neck had known that I was just talking to strangers whoever a just take all comers now he's doing yeah 'cause now he's sixteen the Internet six year olds sixteen all the emojis he said Oh my God his number one Emoji from Martin which is number one over can I call Marty he'll do a lot of cars like I'm headed over car or like I'm headed over to your car in a car to your house Emoji your thumbs up that's good yeah once I don't use I feel like feeling the Emoji use I told you this when my sister I started using Emoji it made me laugh so hard 'cause is the opposite of her purse yeah yeah it's like this Super Cutesy so she'd be like a he'd be like call me dummy and then if he like a puppy rainbow laughing Ryan random one yes you're just a straight six of tax me sometimes as you really cute like Elvis drying on the international send it to me I know look very sweet she is going to be happy you know what it is she's a she is a lurker of our whole situation she's enjoys it but she isn't going to enjoy it to our faces right that's not how she does and now but I think she can be a little sweeter to me in that way because yes we don't have just decades his bad history huge scar long ugly scars Yeah Right speaking of rollout teach me we'll try it with my sister sometime and then we'll talk lead I have great conversational and I see her I like her yeah she's her personality is more like yours and mine actually yeah that's weird okay but gee switch there's a new MFM animation that's out by Nick Terry Yoga how did this one is simple one of the cello it is the cutest it's so cute unaddressed Moth Man the Mothman is the best one to date I think it's so good Lid and those sunglasses are so hilarious I I have the sunglasses I have a bat costume plan for Halloween yes girl check my instagram it's is going up girl I'm not no more let's say no more but it makes me so happy that like as a kid playing cello the humiliation I went through for it like paid off he has four reasons that this sand girl played Jello it's all we are scooping up all the childhood traumas and processing them and allowing our listeners to process for a try it's a real nice favorite holidays you guys are helping your helpers look for yourself so when he made you so tiny next to that out me so good okay Nick Terry thank you so much yeah you really enhanced the podcast yes it's so exciting yeah to come upon those and also to be able to show people like Got To show my friend who is from Wisconsin and the dairy queen cheese wheel yeah raid why that is so hilarious I can't even explain gene now it's hilarious and I would never play dream yes it's insanity and none of it I don't think either of us would play the podcast where people will be like health love be funny it's almost like look this is only mean when we say after he came into our brains and I was like I got you don't even have to worry about it or talented thanks to the other one that I loved was really simple it looked like a children's book and it was that Blue Oh my God in Ctober is a thing and I think the word of the week is treasure sky's very talented out there speaking of not speaking of you know by now my favorite weekend November first and second in Santa Barbara the packages sold out but they're single tickets to the show so you don't even have to come see us you can go see murder squatter the podcast pick the show you want and go see it or can we announced that we're doing a live show with Attila right our special guests sure I mean we are doing now it's basically the conversation with yeah it's and we're going to make him talk about how he made billy balls and apparently there's going to be some pictures never before seen content from the show that Georgia was so obsessed with eligibility you guys haven't listened to it yet on the podcast platforms yes get out there and listen is a really beautifully well done it true crime but also almost like family deep die at such a good podcast is isn't huge fans of his we're GonNa this hopefully is the first of many collapsed we do with him yeah so go to my favorite weakened dot com to get tickets if you're an LA drive up if you're in sandwiches down yes okay get it wrong I always drive up earlier in Reno Dr Ross yes oh where you are and which way it is we don't have to tell you you have to tell you how to get to Santa Barbara maybe the wrong direction we're not the people and of course we have the fan called in were doing special the video every week on fan cult Friday or has some weird talking head of all of us videos yup someone doing something Karen is about to read to my moon your moon card okay yes I keep on calling com Luna cards that I realized that's because of Luna bars right they're not

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