The Exorcist (Roland Doe / Robbie Mannheim / Ronald Hunkeler)



This is frank he is a listener from Canada yeah and he's he's always north of the wall he's always been super supportive of ghostly and he actually sent us these stories quite a while ago so I feel bad it's taken us a while to get to this point so he's a good guy yeah so please send us your story as were were really getting into this now and we're we need more stories so send him in we're we're excited to read read them online info at ghostly podcast dot Com okay so he actually wrote in with a couple of ghost stories that his brother shared with him okay so again doesn't even have to be your story could be one that you know someone close to you as told you okay. My brother lives in Montreal Quebec Canada which is where my family's Bromo original lay I don't you sound like it right now and I I can't do a Frenchaccent Quebec accent sounds like but my family is French Nadya anyways where there are many beautiful older buildings he says in Quebec yes okay so this is his brother his roommate disposal roommate is a fellow skeptics such as myself so Franks's skeptic when it comes to supernatural his roommate had just gone through a successful treatment for Throat Cancer Yay we love survivor. We love survivors will we love everyone but but we really really low AH yes they had to remove any strong Cologne and perfumes from their place because his rem has roommates hypersensitivity towards sentences the time after going through chemotherapy so I can stop you for one second I thought you were GonNa say Colon and I was like lady throat cancer Olivet now Cologne their apartment was in a townhouse structure often referred to AS Roma housing we call them row houses in Chicago so that makes sense and on calm anything okay houses there the units had been converted into separate departments my brothers being located in the first floor the parlor at the front was convert so not the French room the parlor at the Franken Fund was converted to a bedroom and beside it was the old all dining room where which was also converted into a second bedroom and had a long narrow hallway running the length of the apartment and ending in their kitchen beside the kitchen was there living room where they did most of their entertaining my brother's roommate had a full length mirror which is placing I diagnose so it reflected his room and the front hallway he was in the is this getting ready to go out for the evening when he saw someone enter the apartment and walked down the hall it was common for them to invite friends over and go out with them afterwards so he wasn't sure who it was and went out into the hallway to introduce himself there was a strong sense of man's Cologne this colon no Cologne this let him because everyone knew not to bring strong sense into the apartment he went down the hall and into the kitchen to confront this individual my brother was in the kitchen and had no idea what or whom he was upset with there was no one else in the apartment and the front door was locked when they went to investigate there were there there was however a fading scent of Cologne in the hallway. Wow I mean that's kind of crazy SM- smells are the big thing when it comes to ghost and everything noticed and smells can take you back to a time like there was this one diner I wanted to and I smelt the Syrup that they had and it reminded me of a place that my dad used to take me when I was a kid instantly took me back to that moment wow smells are sometimes even more distinct than site yeah oh absolutely yeah we have a scent memory for sure absolutely so we'd love to hear yours aqui stories and if you have any email them to info at ghostly podcast dot com and we might read them on the air like we read Franks absolutely we loved them superfund so this would typically be our poll section but since we haven't done our exercise and debate yet which will be happening next week next week we did not have a Paul but one will be coming after our next episode which is the debate about exes we really are interested to find out on how many of you believe that exercises are real at next week's going to be superfund and it's it's GonNa it's coming out almost Halloween yeah I'm actually can service about next week I don't know what's GonNa Happen I don't know either I keep I keep thinking I have the answer but then I go back and I change it yeah it's it's really I'm not sure I'm looking up a lot of spooky staff it's it's going to be good there is a big difference in how I feel after last week to this week it is almost our anniversary one year one year ghostly yeah that's crazy never missed an episode yeah no in fact came out with more I right so this is usually where rebecca would tell us the ghost story uh-huh story is pretty much the movie though right kind of I mean so you kind of brought up a good point what I was trying to put together information for this because you know we're talking about some people call them demons that's true so you know it kind of goes together but it's it's a little different so we thought since really most of the episodes going to focus on the real story behind the exorcist because that's I think the the one less known I thought I spend a little time telling you the ghost story of the movie all right that's here so there's three things I want to talk about one is that the entire set for the home the macneil home caught fire and burned down a few weeks after they started filming and it delayed filming by six weeks but interesting how to surf but even still it was like how did that happen but what was weird was that Reagan's bedroom not touch it

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