US to step aside for Turkish assault on Kurds in Syria


On Sunday night the White House announced that US President Donald Trump had spoken to Turkish President Richard Type Erred One and agreed that you had forces operating in northern Syria would stand aside in the event of Turkey's long threatened invasion of the area we've been in Syria for many years serious to be a short-term hip just short term hit we were supposed to be in and out that was many many years ago northern Syria is probably not a helpful way of thinking about the region concerned though is geographically the north of Syria it is practically Kurdish the area of Syria along the border with lucky has been controlled for some while by Syrian Kurdish militia called the white p g the white PG have been a key ally of the US led coalition Fighting Islamic state Turkey however considers the Y. p. g. terrorists allies of the PK eighty largely Turkey based Kurdish group who have battled Turkey for decades Turkey also wants to repatriate the two million Syrian refugees is currently hosting to the territory the wipe e. g. hold trump now seems with little consultation with anybody but other wan to have wait to in one Syrian Kurdish official by NBC News said the Americans of traitors they have abandoned us to a Turkish massacre if the why PG and Kurds in general thought their heroin in helping to tackle Islamic state would be some guarantee of American support in future they were reckoning without two things one obviously is the impulsiveness of Donald Trump who has learned what little he understands of the Middle East from Fox News which is worse than not knowing anything at ooh the other is a long history almost an ingrained habit of abandonment off the Kurds by those who profess to admire and respect them and promise to see Turku they fought with us they follow us they died with us they died we lost tens of thousands of Kurds died fighting isis they died for us and with us and for themselves but they're great people trump claims that he has not betrayed the Kurds among a series of bowl hinged and mentored tweets on the subject he has exclaimed that Inouye have we abandoned the Kurds who are special people and wonderful fighters codes will have ample reason for thinking that this is about half right the molten history of selling the cuts out dates back to the nineteen not when the Kurds hoped the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire would at last permit them a state of their own the nineteen twenty treaty of several promised one in fact however western powers decided they cared less about this than they did about keeping the new Turkish Republic on board and the fledgling Kurdistan was quiet were encouraged by the West when there was a government in Baghdad that the West found disagreeable and ignored when there was an Iraqi rule of the West felt it could deal with in the one thousand nine hundred eighty s the west shrugged as Saddam Hussein waged a campaign of genocide against the Kurds including the use of chemical weapons in the early nineteen nineties following Gulf War One the Kurds were enjoined by President George H W Bush to rise against Saddam when they did a little help was forthcoming and the West continued to arm Turkey as it's brutal war with the PKK continued and when the United States removed Saddam in two thousand three Iraq's Kurds who had eventually being protected to some extent by a US imposed no-fly zone were the section of Iraq who did as it was hoped all Iraq would do embraced the opportunity and built a more or less functional and Western Friendly Society and there is indeed an argument that the West has no better friends or more reliable allies in the entire Middle East than the stateless Kurds as regards wine trump has done this varies the eternal Tara Khel response why does trump do anything assorted conspiracy theories are in play pertaining to trump's property interests in Istanbul his eternal Royat please Russian President Vladimir Putin for some reason and so forth but there is a simpler and likely explanation trump is now firmly in reelection mode he probably understands that he's best chance of getting a second term is to go to the people buoyed by a healthy economy and unburdened by American military involvement in countries his base couldn't point to on a map. It's hard luck for the Kurds of course but then it usually his

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