News in Brief 3 October, 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations when it comes to the climate emergency. We have a long way to go but the movement has begun. UN Secretary Terry General Antonio Gutierrez declared a widely distributed opinion piece on Thursday reaffirming his concern over the threats posed by a warming world unless more urgent in action is taken in his op-ed published by a consortium of more than one hundred seventy news outlets under the banner covering climate now which has an audience of hundreds words of millions he recalled that on the eve of the September UN Climate Action Summit young women and men around the world mobilized by the millions and told global leaders. Here's you are failing us. They are right. He lamented at the current rate of global heating. We face an increase of at least three degrees Celsius in global temperature by the end of of the century. I will not be there but my granddaughters will. He said I refuse to be an accomplice in the destruction of their one and only home one year on from the signing of an agreement meant to end years of fighting across south Sudan clashes have subsided however piece is still fragile the head of the UN mission there on Miss David sure cheer has said after returning to the Capitol his briefing follows a statement to the Security Council last week which echoed the message that progress has been made but critical issues news such as unifying armed forces and questions of state boundaries remained unsolved unrest continues to provide aid on the road to develop in the country security including convening the peace building meetings around the country. Mr Scherr said when it comes to civilians on the run from conflict he said it is the primary responsibility of the south Sudanese government permit to establish the conditions needed for displaced families to return safely and live with dignity unmasks as always will be working alongside present transitional government and and south Sudanese people to help secure peace for the country he said and former general assembly president Diogo Free Attests Dole on my doll has died at the aged seventy eight the Portuguese government announced on Thursday expressing his condolences following the news Secretary General Antonio Terrace a former prime minister of Portugal remembered Mr Fritos doll morale as a renowned jurist and scholar and a brilliant politician Mister Gutierrez recalled d very close contact contact the two union leaders had following the April Revolution of nineteen seventy four which he said allowed him to fully appreciate Professor Freight Tostados Most Valuable Bill Contribution to Portuguese democratic life and to our European integration the secretary general highlighted that the former top minister and party leader had wholly dedicated located himself to public service and left behind a powerful legacy of work at the United Nations to his wife all family members. I send my most sincere condolences in this painful moment. Mister Gutierrez said Natalie Hutchinson U._N. News.

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