All Nippon Airways Showcases New Seats



Was that a vendetta. It was great. It was really great. It was right off brick lane in this event space which I had never been to before and they they had these sort of makeshift Goethe's wonderful pagodas you know as wonderful kind of arch ways that they have in Japan the they're usually read the gates thank you. That's the word I was looking for and in the middle of this space on a elevated platform they had a block of the four seats when they had many many many flight attendants in attendance to kind of brief you on how the seats work and the seats are oriented as a block for much like the Q. Sweets there facing each other okay the two seats and I was able to experience it they had the full power connected and the IFP say you could try it. It was very very very impressive. It was really really wide. CA's reminds me of the pictures of the Singapore Airlines that White Yeah if if not wider yeah yeah so you feel like you're in a sofa at home when you're sitting upright the whole thing isn't that why the Footwell tapers to allow for the other person's cubbies and cabinets that you have to your side as well. The screen is is huge crystal clear and the seat itself the padding which you see the as the seat is reclining. You can see how thick it is really really thick seat very very comfortable. The one thing I noticed that I sent to you immediately was if you sit straight and you recline the seat straight. There's no way that I could fit let alone somebody like you. It's it's very very short but then in all of the images the presages they have you can see the person sleeping at an angle and actually when I did that so I moved my head to the adjacent corner that my feet where plenty of runs so again like Singapore because Singapore I would unless I'm bulkhead but even I would usually sit in a diagonal would not sit up straight and the good thing since we're comparing that to that three hundred the old seat now is that he actually so reclines whereas the Singapore seats you had to stand up all aww yet to fold it. Oh that's good that's good what about the door is at high the doors High Yup and it and it comes across in like in the two sections that close together you felt very very private and secluded when you were in the even with a million people walking around you and a lot of noise oviously at an event it does oppose skies so the manufacturer is not the one from the queue sweet although there are of a billion ways to do a seat into fitted in dark ref at the end another day but the manufacturer is completely different and you had the chance to also meet the designer of the seat yes he was going to forget the name of the he built the Tokyo Auguin early this year and he also built the a a in Dundee as y'all which is an extraordinary building a very famous Japanese architect enables alludes because of course thank you yeah. He was very very nice very interested would speak to anybody not that you know that he would never wise but yeah he was he was proud of and he partnered with a London design agency to do and I must say that one of my criticisms of the previous was that it was very clinical lots of metal. Will we said that a lot of time and you know and that absolutely not the case anymore. They've kept however some of the blue color it kept the blue. It's it's much more understated understated it. It's it's an accent but it's it's beautifully done. It's very Japanese very a it's a very very strong seat. They're going to you really well with this what they didn't show or didn't have because it's rolling a little bit. Slower is the new first class yeah I said in the last ZIP is it that for me. It reminds me a little bit of the Swiss first-class which is very large cubicle elitest door. Were you able to even bits a bit like or none of the video playing and I was chatting to one of the cabin crew about it and she said that the news it has a forty three inch four K. screen TV. You'RE GONNA give you two and I said are you sure and then she showed me a brochure brochure of it and sure enough. I should never have huge the seat itself is is beautiful as well. It's lovely gray. They made saga job gets darker than the than the one in in business class which is often the case in Japan. If you cajoled they have darker colors I glass including the lounges compared to Business Glasgow Glasgow. Wow I mean holy cow. So are they not introducing because the reason you had that event was the two things they are opening the route with that seat now from London to two hundred but also I think it was celebrating may be used so that maybe I'm wrong. I'm not sure it was a thirty. That's rare anniversary running of the route. Yeah Yeah Okay so yeah. It was great. I met a few people that I've worked with a in the past who are really friendly. Johnny from the design air turns out he was there I didn't I didn't see him which is which is disappointing. I wish shame yeah cross pass but I think he he was as impressed as I was so it's a it's a great. I don't think you can go wrong in that route because a anna have a very good product obviously and so two gel so expensive however they are not but no one is no one is no no one no one is no one

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