Quick-hit thoughts on the Patriots' win over the Bills

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Patriots sixteen to ten win over the bills in Orchard Park. The bills made this a game after a very slow start but there would be no magic when Barkley Barkley replaced an injured Josh Allen Greg who bravely locked up the Patriots in this kind of didn't see a lot of offense on display in Buffalo. No you asked you know going into this game. The bills make a statement or did the Patriots do Patriot. I guess it's both because the bills made a statement they made Tom Brady look worse than any has in in a long time. This was his lowest passer rating since two thousand six in a game. It's the most passes he's ever thrown in a game without getting to two hundred yards didn't even get close closely at one fifty. He was under fifty percent completion. They had seven drives where they went three and out they had only a couple apple more where where they got one first down they did nothing offensively and late in the game they were inside the five yard line with a chance to go up to scores and and they smartly kicked a field goal and I thought that was bill belichick saying this bills defense is is too good for us. We need to just go up six points. That's the kind of defense buffalo played but they get a special teams touchdown they knockout Josh Allen in the fourth quarter and they do a lot of things defensively on their own to get the Stop ATM in my tracks the decision fourth and goal to go for it because it feels like a patriots thing that they would go for it and since the moment but you're right they had that much faith the defense which they should be doing defense is incredible and the bills just weren't moving the ball. I mean you locked up New England but if someone had told me that you would have held Tom Brady eighty two three point eight yards per attend sub Gabbard so if you would have given up only sixteen points to this offense and if Frank Gore would have run for one hundred and nine yards at six point four yards spur Kerry I would have plucked up the bills. I would've thought they're going to find a way to they're not an explosive offense but find a way to get seventeen points. I mean the difference was the punt return touchdown. The Patriots scored the Patriots offense only scored ten bills offense scored ten and the Patriots Defense was very lucky to hold the bills to only ten because the bills did do a better job especially in the second half moving up and down the field but the situational defense that the Patriots have especially in the red zone with Jamie Collins and Kyle Van Noy and everything that they can do was really special today. You're tipping your tap. Your tipping your cap to a good bills defense and a well coached team. But how much of this does it raise any red flags for are you on the Patriots offense. It's a long season. I said going into this game. I didn't think their offense was nearly up to speed their offensive line. got pushed around. I think this the bills defense had a great plan for them. I mean yeah they have to be. They're going to be a different team in December one way or another whether they're better or worse. They're going to be totally different the fact that they we're able to sneak out a win was

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