Mary Ann Van Hoof and Her Marian Apparitions



Just before noon on August Fifteenth Nineteen Fifty Mary Anne Van Hoof stepped out of her farmhouse in the Cedar Wisconsin and who then knelt before a statue of the Virgin Mary but she wasn't alone. An estimated one hundred thousand spectators leaders had gathered outside of her home according to life magazine. These spiritually fanatical and level-headed citizens king came from all over the country by chartered buses and specially routed trains there were around seventeen thousand cars parked on the farm. They filled that Wisconsin field to hear a message from Van Hoof who claim she had been visited by visions of the Virgin Mary six times over the last few months and today the saint was poised to appear again uh as van who shifted her attention the crowd hushed then she spoke into a microphone and Shared the Virgin Mary's latest revelation she urged the people to pray do penance and sacrifice she issued warning about Korea in said black clouds are coming to America the pessimism wasn't totally warranted the Cold War loomed the Soviet Union had detonated its first atomic bomb and earlier that year Senator Joseph me carthy said Communist had infiltrated the State Department. The New York Times reported that Van Hoof left the scene in ears and while observers saw nothing unusual the Associated Press reported that the faithful were satisfied and believed the virgin Mary had been in their presence Van Hoof Was Philadelphia Native who later moved to Wisconsin religion scholars say she was baptized Catholic but not reared in the church her mother a spiritualist believed the spirits of the dead could communicate with the living in the nineteen thirties van hoof answered an ad for housekeeper you're placed in a publication called Wisconsin farmer and agriculturist the ad was placed by devout Catholic memed Godford in who they married four months later then who've said the Virgin Mary first appeared to her on November Twelfth Nineteen Forty Nine the Lacrosse diocese initially held back judgment Van Hoof saying it needed time to investigate her claims but it took a dimmer you as the crowds in the sita grew and pilgrims made claims of miracle cures in one thousand nine hundred fifty one van Hoof was ordered to stop spreading pamphlets about her visions and to dismantle the shrine she built known today as the Queen the Holy Rosary media tricks between God and man she refused but the following year she agreed to undergo a Wendy medical exam the Church's request Di she's officials condemned vanhoose claims in nineteen fifty five but that didn't stop her father there's a new investigation was ordered in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and her claims were condemned again the following year still then who her supporters continued hundreds of families from around the country uprooted their lives and move to Sita to be part of the shrine community they believed in time church officials would change their minds in one thousand nine hundred seventy five The Diocese called the group Occult emplaced Van Hoof in several followers under an interdict meaning they were denied sacraments from outside the church according to dicing records then who said she continued to receive private revelations from the Virgin Mary until her death

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